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After a decade of waiting, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” fans will finally get an author-backed screen adaptation of the beloved young adult novels on Dec. 20. The series will arrive on Disney+ with two episodes, followed by weekly drops.
(Selome Hailu, Variety, August 18, 2023)
PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS Teaser Trailer (2023) - YouTube
Percy Jackson and The Olympians | Teaser September 2023
Kayden Koshelev hopes young actors of all identities aren't afraid to shine.
(Jorge Martinez , LGBTQ Nation, July 10, 2023)
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Cole revealed the two embarrassing things he said that night that his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, has never let him live down.
(Stephanie Soteriou, BuzzFeed, March 9, 2023)
Robert Blake, a child actor who found fame in movies and TV shows but whose legacy was tarnished by suspicion over the unsolved murder of his second wife, has died at age 89.
(Erin Jensen. USA TODAY, March 9, 2023)
Austin Majors, who made his mark as a child star on the hugely successful "NYPD Blue" has died ... TMZ has learned. Austin died Saturday night while staying at a homeless housing facility in Los Angeles.
(TMZ, Febuary 13, 2023)
Actor Lance Kerwin, who starred in TV series “James at 15” and as Mark Petrie, the teen who becomes a vampire hunter in Stephen King mini-series “Salem’s Lot,” died Tuesday in San Clemente, Calif. He was 62.
(Charna Flam, Variety, January 25, 2023 )
Before March 11, 2022 and the release of The Adam Project on Netflix, few people had ever heard of Walker Scobell. Now with two films released and a new series in the works, he is well on his way to becoming the crown prince of streaming television.
Staff Writer, BoyWiki, August 14, 2022
Everything that we know about young Christian Convery so far.
(Staff Writer, BoyWiki, US, October 10, 2021 )

In Film and video

The film, which tells the story of two boys who survive a boating accident and end up stranded on a remote Alaskan shore, marks the directorial debut of 'Deadpool 2' and 'Hobbs & Shaw' first assistant director Paul Barry.
(Alex Ritman, Hollywood Reporter, May 11, 2022 )


The streaming giant has handed out a third and final season renewal for Sweet Tooth, the Warner Bros. TV drama based on the DC Comics title. In a twist, production on season three of the series from exec producer Robert Downey Jr. and his Team Downey banner has already been completed in New Zealand.
(Lesley Goldberg, Hollywood reporter, US, May 3, 2023)'
Netflix’s announced the second season “Sweet Tooth” will premiere on April 27 and released first-look images of the Emmy-winning show.
( Julia MacCary, Katie Reul, Variety, US, March 14, 2022)'
Sweet Tooth Season 2 | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix
The long promotional campaign for “Stranger Things” Season 4 added a harrowing new wrinkle on Saturday with a first look at the “Creel House” — i.e. the home of new character Victor Creel, played by 1980s horror icon Robert Englund (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”). Creel has been imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital since his family was violently murdered in the 1950s, which Creel blamed on a vengeful demon.
(Adam B. Vary, Variety, US, September 25, 2021)

The boy Zone

Seventeen (June 21, 2021) - We tested the stars of Disney+'s "Luca" (Jacob Tremblay and Jack Dylan Grazer) to play a game of Besties on Besties, and I'm officially obsessed with them. Watch as they reveal where they see each other in five years, who's the funniest, their most embarrassing outfits and more!

Books and reviews

An impressive new asset for the online BL community that brings the richness of literature to our lives.
Staff Writer, BoyWiki, March 23, 2024

New Book Review by Tom O'Carroll just published
Tom O'Carroll releases stinging new review of "Sexual Violence Against Children in Britain Since 1965: Trailing Abuse by Nick Basannavar".
Staff Writer, BoyWiki, September 26, 2023

A new anthology of boylove poetry was released in the spring of 2023 called, "My Love Is Like All Lovely Things". It is a collection of the works of the British poet and clergyman Edwin Emmanuel Bradford.
Staff Writer, BoyWiki,
May 3, 2023

You Can Be A King If You Are Brave is the gripping story of Adam Townsend from his adolescence in Australia of the 1970s until his time as a foreign aid worker in Rangoon in the 1990s, though it is in some ways almost two different stories, since the intervening years are covered very quickly. In both stories he has a Greek love affair: in the first as a boy of fourteen with a man, and in the second as a man with a boy of fourteen.
Edmund Marlowe , Greek Love Through the Ages,
March 1, 2023

Il mirto e la rosa by Italian author Annie Messina, writing under the pen name Gamîla Ghâli, was published by Sellerio in Palermo in 1982. It was translated from the Italian by Jessie Bright as The Myrtle & the Rose, published by Italica in New York in 2009.
Edmund Marlowe , Greek Love Through the Ages, August 27, 2022
Edmund Marlowe breathes new life into the works of author Michael Davidson.
(Staff Writer, BoyWiki, July 11, 2022 )

On the News stand

Fawnlet Magazine
Fawnlet Magazine

 Issue 4, June 2024
Ethos Magazine

 Issue 25 Final Issue
Imagine Magazine
Imagine Magazine June, 2024.


Nirvana has won the dismissal of a lawsuit by a man who claimed his depiction as a naked four-month-old baby on the cover of the band's seminal 1991 album 'Nevermind' was child pornography.
(Alastair Talbot, Daily Mail, September 4, 2022 )
Theodor "Theoz" Haraldsson, is a Swedish singer and actor. He started his career by postlng videos to Musical.ly in 2016 with the name Theoz.
(YouTube US, June 29, 2019)
New holiday video of "The Little Drummer Boy" performed by Austin Ware and Jadon Perez, two very talented up-and-coming young artists.
(YouTube US, November 23, 2021)


WIRED-PM RADIO is an online radio station broadcasting live shows and podcasts featuring an eclectic range of genres of music. From upcoming young artists to classic rock to golden oldies, you are sure to find something you like here because they are not confining themselves to just one genre. So have a look their DJ schedule and take a listen. You won’t be sorry!


World Unity Radio Network is radio station with the purpose of appealing to the boylovers around the world.



A protester who used a hammer to attack a statue by known paedophile Eric Gill on the outside of the BBC's Broadcasting House is a notorious Fathers 4 Justice campaigner. David Chick, 52, had most recently been seen last year above a crane in East London in April last year dressed in his familiar Spiderman mask.
( Dan Sales, The Daily Mail, UK, January 13, 2022 )
It’s not many fourth-graders who can impress the Wolf of Wall Street. But Jordan Belfort — the trader-turned-felon who inspired the Scorsese film — snapped up a painting this week by 10-year-old painter Andres Valencia. So did “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara. Channing Tatum, Brooke Shields and artist Shepard Fairey also stopped by Andres’ booth at Art Miami after hearing about the prodigy.
(Jacquelynn Powers Maurice, NY Post, US, December 2, 2021 )

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