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Entertainment News

The University of Southern Maine has removed three works by a highly regarded oil painter from a gallery on its Lewiston-Auburn campus after learning that the artist is a sex offender, a decision that has prompted objections from the show’s curator and the Union of Maine Visual Artists.
(Bob Keyes, Portland Press Herald, US, May 6, 2018)
2011 Bill Cosby.jpg
Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault by a jury of his peers on Thursday.
( Sasha Savitsky, Leora Arnowitz, FOX News, US, April 26, 2018)

In Film and video

The Netflix movie finds a teen caught between a girlfriend and a boy crush.
(Curtis M. Wong, HuffPost, US, May 10, 2018)
Asher Angel's time filming Shazam! is officially done. Warner Bros. hasn't had the easiest time getting their DC movie universe off the ground, but they look primed to change that. Aquaman is the next DC movie to hit theaters, with Walter Hamada now heading up WB's DC Films banner.
(Cooper Hood, ScreenRant, US, May 7, 2018)
The familiar formula of the high school movie is elevated by warmth, humor and remarkable delicacy surrounding the difficulty of being a gay teenager.
(Benjamin Lee, The Guardian, US, February 26, 2018)
The tutor poster 450.jpg
A new free adaptation of Turn of the Screw by Henry James - shows signs of pushing technical, artistic and social boundaries a little further still.
(August 29, 2016 )
See trailer: Trailer 'La Tutora' ('The Tutor') aka 'Burnt Knees' de Ivan Noel (2016) (YouTube video)

Ivan Noel – An Interview

Ivan Noel is known as a controversial writer/director whose work is finally gaining wider recognition, the rights to his film Limbo having recently been purchased by Sony Pictures.
(Will Emslie, TheSkyKid.com, June 30, 2016 )
A Decent Life movie poster.jpg
Review of Spotlight, directed by Tom McCarthy, Open Road Films, 2015. (Movie review, Bernie Najarian, December 14, 2015 )
A new documentary film by David Kennerly from the perspective of Tom O'Carroll is now finished.
Watch on YouTube!


The-Machine Black-and-White-600px.jpg
BL songwriter The Machine releases new album
(Music review, Staff Writer, July 4, 2016)
The year is 2010, and it appears that Punk Rock has reached it's peak and started to decline in popularity.

The boy Zone

You're sooo gay:
  • Ames McNamara is a 9-year-old character on Roseanne who likes to dress in feminine clothing. SARA GILBERT says, "He’s too young to be gay"[1]

Trust a lesbian to get it wrong and to betray you every time.

Oh Josh, it's not like we all didn't already know....

  • JJ Totah is a the gay kid on NBC's new show Champions described as "Breaking Gay Stereotypes"[2]

It'd be ground breaking if they had just an average gay kid and not a fem-boy but JJ is cute.

On the News stand

Ethos Magazine

 Issue 8 was released in August 2018.
ISSUE 14.jpg

Modern Boylover Magazine
The 14th issue of Modern Boylover Magazine is now available on-line and includes such articles as:

  • KBLR Radio - Your Boylove Pride Source by DJRyanJames
  • Interview With mustuknow by DragonLover & mustuknow
  • Computer Security 101 For Boylovers by BoyZephyr


WEIRD Radio is an online radio station broadcasting live shows and podcasts featuring an eclectic range of genres of music. From upcoming young artists to classic rock to golden oldies, you are sure to find something you like here because they are not confining themselves to just one genre. So have a look their DJ schedule and take a listen. You won’t be sorry!


World Unity Radio logo.png

World Unity Radio Network is radio station with the purpose of appealing to the boylovers around the world.


Books and reviews

Scotty Bowers was a Hollywood petrol-pump attendant and later bartender, but these occupations were easily eclipsed by his role in the sex lives of the film stars and other major celebrities who frequented his adopted town.
(Edmund Marlowe, October 17, 2016 )
Out of the blue and after ten years of no communication, Australian teacher Fred Musgrove receives a telephone call from recently widowed, young Jonno, his lost love.
(Book Review, Edmund Marlowe, August 28, 2016 )
The danger and allure of prostitution for boys.
(Book Review, Edmund Marlowe, August 26, 2016 )
This story of a boy's life in Liverpool aged five to fifteen in the years 1948 to 1958 is told with profound humanity.
Many same-sex-attracted MAPs these days profess to feel completely separate from the gay community (sorry, LGBT-ETC-but-no-P community), but in reality, writings that are potentially relevant to us get published fairly often by members of that community. The opposite may happen, too – useful stuff published within our community may be out there for those LGBTs who are brave enough to take advantage.
Oscar Browning (1837-1923), Eton schoolmaster and Cambridge don, widely known as O.B., was an unusually colourful character even by the high standards of eccentricity often found in these ancient institutions.


He revealed that he was bullied and called 'gay' at school because of his love for dancing.
( Nigel Tan - Gay Star News, UK, April 20, 2016)

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