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Greek Love Through the Ages went online on May 17, 2017 and is a website devoted to shedding light on boylove or pederasty. Typically pederasty in ancient Greece consisted of an adult male also called an Erastes who courted or was in an pederastic relationship with an adolescent boy typically aged 12 to about 17, who was called eromenos. The site describes Greek love in the following way: "Greek love was love between a boy, typically adolescent, and an older adolescent or man. It is called Greek because it was most famously practised in ancient Greece, where it was called paiderastia, formed from paidos, "of a boy", and erastia, "love". Though eros, erotic longing, implicitly inspired a Greek love affair, it could remain chaste. "[1]

The site also deals with Greek Love in various other cultures and time periods and contains a vast amount of historical information. There is a section on literature and one on humor, as well as other related topics.

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