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World Unity Radio Network (WURN), formally called KBLR-Radio, is an Internet radio station with the purpose of appealing to the boylovers around the world.

According to an article submitted to Modern Boylover Magazine issue 14 (released in December 2015) by World Unity owner RyanJames, WURN primarily emphasises boy music but allows other genres into its program. While there are no active shows, an auto DJ runs and allows users to submit requests. [1]

The article further states that WURN serves to provide a voice to boylovers. It was stated in the article that a calendar feature would be added to the WURN website where listeners can find when their favourite DJ will be on next.[1]

On June 1, 2016, WURN was taken offline due to financial difficulties. A year and two months later (September 1, 2017), the Internet radio station resumed 24/7 radio services for boylovers.


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