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Of all the individual attributes that make up a boy, the voice, and especially the singing voice, may be one of the most loved. Boys' voices have been widely recognized for their frail, but earnest and resolute quality from the earliest ages of music until today.

Boy choirs

Boy choirs have been used throughout recorded history of church music. Their voices have been known as boy sopranos or trebles (in the Anglican and English Catholic traditions).

In the online boylover community of this day, Libera is one of the best-loved and most popular boy choirs.

One of Germany's most colorful and itinerant boy choirs is the Tölzer Knabenchor.

In Norway, Sølvguttene of Oslo have been a staple of Christmas television programming for many decades. In recent years Nidarosdomens guttekor of Trondheim has also been seen on television, although their international success has been mostly enjoyed off the screen.

Pop music

Country prodigy Billy Gilman, born in 1988, has been extremely popular within the boylover community, and has enjoyed success in the outside world as well with albums such as One Voice and Dare to Dream.

Declan Galbraith is a British singer born in 1991.

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