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WEIRD Radio screen capture 4-10-2016

WIRED-PM Radio was started in early October, 2015, as WEIRD Radio, and provides streaming music and live broadcasts. It was created by Kermie, the founder of Enchanted Island and Ethos Magazine. However, in late 2017 the original WEIRD Radio was taken off the air due to server issues. Those issues were resolved and the new WIRED-PM Radio was born.

WIRED-PM Radio plays a wide variety of music and endeavors to support young singers trying to break through to main stream media. The DJ's play all sorts of music from Rock to Classical. Currently, there is at least one live show per-day.

Legend of WEIRD Radio's creation

Weird Radio logo Ca.2016

Kermie and Johnny Lonewolf spent a day in the Arizona desert fighting off wild man eating rabbits. The rabbits kept trying to attack the guys rear ends.

(Always a bad thing to get a wild hare up your butt!)

They celebrated around a campfire that night when Johnny stood up screaming that a rattle snake had bit him on the butt and begged Kermie to suck out the poison. Kermie said fine if you help me make a BL Radio station. Johnny said sure. Kermie said well it wasn't a snake Johnny you sat down on a cactus.

They both laughed and the next day they made WEIRD.

PS the next day the snake died.

As told to Etenne by Kermie


Show Times All Times are listed in Eastern time (US) and GMT.


DJ Dragonlover’s Classic Rock Show @ 11 AM EST, 4 PM GMT

DJ Dragonlover plays the best that Classic Rock has to offer!


Zoomie’s Lunch Hour @ 12 PM EST, 5 PM GMT

Zooomie plays mostly boy singers and boy musicians, with some techno / electronic to balance it out.


DJ Dragonlover’s 80s Throwback Show @ 11 AM EST, 4 PM GMT

DJ Dragonlover plays the best hits of 80s pop!


DJ Dragonlover’s All Classic Metal Show @ 12 PM EST, 5 PM GMT

DJ Dragonlover plays the top hits of Classic Metal. Bang Your Head!


DJ Dragonlover’s 60s Trip Show @ 11 AM EST, 4 PM GMT

DJ Dragonlover plays the best hits of the 60s, from Psychedelic to Pop, to Folk Rock


DJ LtDreamer’s Madhouse @ 11 AM EST, 4 PM GMT

This is the Madhouse, where LtDreamer plays whatever his devious mind concocts!


The Wolf's Den - with DJ Wolfrunner @ 1 PM EST, 6 PM GMT

The Wolf's Den: where Little Red Riding Hood may be safe, but Little Timmy ... well, not so much! An eclectic mix of music, trivia, and light-hearted fun. So good you'll be howling for more!


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