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Enchanted Island was an online message board for boylovers opened June 1, 2014. It was owned by Kermie up until his passing on October 6, 2016, where Dragonlover, Dutch and Boysrule, took over. The site included discussion forums, polls, games, quizzes, a radio station, and a Discord server. It was closely affiliated with Ethos Magazine, and owned WEIRD Radio.

As of March 3, 2018, Enchanted Island has closed permanently.

History of the site

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The owner of Enchanted Island and WEIRD Radio, "Kermie", had deep BL board experience working in various capacities for several boards over the past eight years. He also previously owned a few sites that were not interactive.

Early in 2014, he realized that by removing egos and petty politics, and bringing a whole new level of professionalism to the recruitment of staff and the internal organization of a site, it would be possible to create a much better BL board than had ever been built before. Kermie states,

I knew 'Dragonlover' had mentioned a few months earlier he wanted to make a web site. I asked him to help me as Administrator. I also worked with 'CQ' and 'Johnny Lonewolf' because they each owned sites and understood the challenges and the software (vBulletin). They became EI's Tech Admins

Kermie's goal is to nurture and grow a BL site that is easy-going, safe and genuinely supportive. I have one rule for the staff... Think with your head but act with your heart."

"Unlike other boards, especially in the past, EI was not a 'numbers game' trying to build impressive but meaningless member counts - inactive members are pruned monthly, and trouble-makers are removed quickly. Enchanted Island is not about me. It is about a dream to bring BLers together where they can talk and enjoy a family atmosphere. "Our members are a family... we really care about each other. And we are blessed with a wonderful staff. They really give their hearts to Enchanted Island."

On March 3, 2018, Enchanted Island administrators made the difficult decision of closing Enchanted Island. Their decision was made because of problems with the hosting provider over false DMCA complaints which were made against the domain. The host was flooded with an extremely high quantity of falsely-filed DMCA complaints, targetting almost every image on the website (including images members had made themselves, in which no copyright had applied). The quantity of complaints was excessive enough that the hosting provider considered it a breach of their Acceptable Use Policy, and gave administrators an ultimatum between fighting the DMCA complaints in a court of law or having their site terminated for AUP breaches. The decision to shut down EI was made by administrators in order to give members an understanding of what was happening and why, rather than to be left in the dark when the site disappeared from the Internet.


Kermie was the founder of Enchanted Island and WEIRD Radio, and dear friend to BoyWiki and to many boylovers, passed away in his sleep on Thursday October 6, 2016. The archive of Kermie's news broadcasts for WEIRD Radio and BoyWiki can be found here: Archive of news broadcasts from WEIRD radio

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The memorial service in Kermie's honor.
Sunday, October 9, 2016 with DJ Scorpion

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