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How do I become a part of BoyWiki?

If you wish editing rights on BoyWiki, submit a request by requesting an account.

Include a short statement on why you wish to join BoyWiki in your registration or it will not be evaluated or accepted.


  • I am interested in writing articles about boylove poetry in the 19th century.
  • I am interested in writing articles about boylove history.
  • I am interested in writing articles about boy and boylove films.
  • I want to copy edit and correct spelling and grammar errors.
  • Simply saying "I like boys" is not enough.

Where do I start?

Once you have become a registered user, you need to login by entering your user name and password. Your user name is not case-sensitive ("Billy" is the same as "billy") but your password IS case-sensitive ("Mypassword" is NOT the same as "mypassword").

The best place to start is to practice editing on your user page first. To navigate to your user page, click on your user name which appears on the top-right of your screen (or press: alt + shift + . ). If this does not work, make sure that you are indeed logged in.

You may want to take a look at: Category:Help

Don't worry about learning it all right away - you can edit pages just as "straight text" (with no formatting) without using any kind of markup. You can also use Hypertext markup language (HTML) if you want - wiki software understands it (usually) however users are encouraged to use Wiki markup language whenever possible.

  • Another good place to start editing is in our Category:fledglings. This category contains articles that are short or underdeveloped. You are encouraged to help BoyWiki by expanding them.

You can also learn how to structure an entry by going to Wikipedia and looking at how the writers there set up an article for content and how to add references as well as the use of wikicode.

Creating a new article

To create a new entry, first do a search to ensure that what you wish to work on does not already exist. You can enter the name of the page you wish to create in the "search" field on the left-side of the page. Remember, though, that the information you wish to create a page about may already exist in a page with either a slightly-different name or a completely different name.

If it doesn’t already exist, you can click on the red link that appears on the search page or you can go to your user page, choose to edit it, go to the "editing-text" field, and type in the the name of the entry you wish to create. Put two brackets on each side of the name. (When naming a new entry, normally only the first letter is capitalized.)

Example: [[My first entry]]

then save your user page, and this will create a red link. Then just click on the link you just created, which will take you to the new page. Then you are ready to start adding text to the page.

Or you can type in the name of the page you want to make, such as My first entry into the BoyWiki search bar and then navigating to the red-linked (non-existent) page you are setting up and add text to the new page always remembering to preview and then save.

What can I add?

New users should first review Help:Contents, BoyWiki:Content guidelines and BoyWiki:Relevance policy.

How do I add a picture to my new page?

Only curators can upload and make available a new image/picture. Available images can be reviewed by category.

Users can submit new images via email or by requesting a file be uploaded, and externally hosted images may not be linked inline with article text. Any image that is contributed must conform to the base guidelines and be submitted to be licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (or similar license) by the copyright holder.


New Users should first review BoyWiki (en):Copyrights Do not add copyrighted materials to BoyWiki without permission from the copyright owner. When adding information to articles, make sure it is written in your own words. Remember that all information found on the Internet is copyrighted unless the website specifically states otherwise.

Avoiding conflict

Avoiding conflict starts with respect and civility. Users are expected to be reasonably cooperative, to refrain from making personal attacks, to work within the scope of policies, and to be responsive to good-faith questions. Try to treat other Users as respected colleagues with whom you are working on an important project. The person who added the entry is considered the “principal editor” of that page and should be respected as such. Be sure to review: BoyWiki:Abuse policy.

Protected pages

Some high risk pages and templates are page protected to prevent vandalism or because the page is highly visible, such as the Main Page. A protected page can only be edited by a curator. Also a curator may protect a page during a dispute or “editing war”.

However, you may request access to a protected page or template by emailing one of the curators.

Why did the curator edit my page?

BoyWiki curators will edit a page for a number of reasons to ensure the safety and security of BoyWiki. Curators also routinely categorize pages, edit the "copy" (the text) on the page, and add links. Pages that do not have any internal links are called “dead-end pages”. Curators hate dead-end pages!

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