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Understanding User pages
User page 
Your user page has a name like this: User:John Doe. (This link is to yours.) Its normal use is to give basic information, if you wish, about yourself or your BoyWiki-related activities. You don't have to say anything about yourself. If you prefer to put nothing here, then you can redirect it to your user talk page for the convenience of other editors.
User talk page 
Your user talk page (sometimes abbreviated to "your talk page" or "your user talk") has a name like this: User talk:John Doe. (This link is to yours.) Its normal use is for messages from, and discussion with, other editors. For more information see Help:Talk pages.
You can create subpages of your User page and your User talk page. The subpages will usually have names such as User:John Doe/draft article on violins or User:John Doe/test and their related talk pages. The first step is to type in the name of the page you want to make, such as User:Your_BoyWiki_Name/draft article on chosen topic into the BoyWiki search bar or by creating a link on your user page by adding [[User:''your username''/(Pagename)]], and then navigating to the red-linked (non-existent) page you are setting up and add text to the new page always remembering to preview and then save.
Pages intended as drafts can also be added as a draft entry and added to Category:Draft.
You can also list any subpages that do already exist by using Special:Prefixindex (for example, Special:Prefixindex/User talk:Example/). You can usually have anything on a subpage that you might have on a user or user talk page, except for a few items (see below) that must be visible to other users if posted. Hierarchies of subpages are also possible. You can have as many subpages as you want but keep in mind that BoyWiki is not a free web host, please use subpages within reason.
User pages or user space 
All of these pages are your user pages or user space. While you do not "own" them, by custom you may manage them as you wish, so long as you do so reasonably and within BoyWiki guidelines.

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