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Navigating BoyWiki

What is BoyWiki?

A place to learn and share. Develop and explore.

Basic navigation

Main Page

There is a graphic browsing bar at the bottom of the Main Page with links to the main Portals which are illustrated article summaries like the Main Page. Portals include "Featured content", is the way to the best articles, pictures, lists in the Category.


The English-language BoyWiki is one of three BoyWiki projects, and has the URL Versions in other languages have other two-letter labels, such as the French BoyWiki (fr:Boywiki) at

Within BoyWiki (and other projects), content is separated into namespaces, which appear before the page name. For example, Help:Editing is in the Help: namespace. Regular encyclopedia articles are in a namespace with no prefix added. Namespaces come in pairs, one for content and one for talk — for example, Help talk:Editing. Another example is your user page and associated talk page, which is added to the User: and User talk: namespaces. You may switch between content and talk pages using the first two tabs at the top of each page.

Contents and index browsing

BoyWiki articles are organized into three main categories Encyclopedia, Entertainment, and Life along with Activism, Boys, and Technology which are new categories we are now building. Another new feature of BoyWiki is Chronology which also includes Births. There is also the administrative category BoyWiki, as well as many other topics.

To help you find your way around this BoyLover world of knowledge, BoyWiki categories have a "category header" which will direct you to all the main categories. Links to all of BoyWiki's main content pages are presented below, and they, in turn, link to all the rest.

Category header

Explore BoyWiki

Contents pages (footer box)

Category browsing

Every article has a list at the bottom of all the major categories it belongs within. For example This page is listed under:

BoyWiki as it is a Help page.

Each of these categories can be browsed and is linked to related categories in an interconnected hierarchy, or web.

Try browsing the various categories below right now:

Encyclopedia | Entertainment | Life | Film |Art | History | Online history | People | Activism | Technology

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