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BoyWiki is the internet museum/archive of boylove history, culture, and heritage. It contains articles concerning or related to the boylove community and can be edited by all registered users although there are some restrictions in certain cases. Reading and editing BoyWiki is free.

BoyWiki articles are organized into different categories, with three main root categories. Most articles can be categorized as either factual and research-based encyclopedic articles, entertainment-based articles with information about media such as TV and radio, or life-based articles which deal with the boylove community, personal experiences, things to do in the real world, and silly things such as jokes. Sometimes an article deals with more than one area and is classified under more than one category at a time.

You can surf through the different categories starting from the Portal:Index , or you can view a list of all categories or all pages on BoyWiki.

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