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Help creating redirect pages

A redirect is a page created so that navigation to a given title will take the reader directly to a different page. A redirect is automatically created when a page is moved and may need to be deleted if appropriate. Redirect pages take up very little server space and are useful for the search function in aiding navigation to the correct page.

A redirect is created using the syntax:

#REDIRECT [[target]]

...where "target" is the name of the target page. It is also possible to add a section header to make a redirect to a specific section of the target page in the following manner:

#REDIRECT [[target#section header]]

The pound/number sign (#) is also used to link to page anchors.


A page will be treated as a redirect page if its wikitext begins with #REDIRECT followed by a valid wikilink or interwikilink. A space is usually left before the link. (Note that some alternative capitalizations of "REDIRECT" are possible.)

Note that a redirect will work as intended (i.e. take the reader directly to the target page) only if the link is to an existing normal page (not a special page) on the same project (English BoyWiki).


  • #REDIRECT [[Apollo (mythology)]] (redirects to the Apollo article)
  • #REDIRECT [[Apollo (mythology)#Hyacinth]] (redirects to the section about Hyacinth in the Apollo article)
  • #REDIRECT [[fr:France]] (appears as a redirect to the France article on French BoyWiki, but will not work as a true redirect)

Any text appearing after the redirect link will be ignored in the display, but may be used to add categories, interwiki links, comments, etc.

Note that the redirect link must be explicit – it cannot contain magic words, templates, etc.

When redirecting to a category page, prefix the target pagename with a colon to prevent the redirect from showing up in the category. Example: #REDIRECT [[:Category:Help]]

Redirects to image pages also require the colon.

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