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Understanding BoyWiki's search function

There are a few things to remember when searching for words or phrases using the search function (the box labeled "search" at the top right of your screen).

  • words searched for are not "case sensitive" -- searching for BOOK is the same as searching for Book or book or bOOk.
  • if searching for multiple words, placing the words "in parenthesis" will give search results with the exact phrase. Otherwise, all articles displaying all of the words will be found.
  • if you search for a word that happens to be the title of an article, you will be taken directly to that article. If you want to avoid this, and find the word in all articles, then place a question mark before the word (EX: ?BoyWiki), and the search will find not just the BoyWiki article, but all other articles containing the word "BoyWiki" (or Boywiki or boywiki).
  • be sure that you spell the word or words correctly! Try another possible spelling, if you are not sure (for example, British spelling is different from American spelling of many words).
  • Boolean searches are NOT supported (you cannot search for "books OR articles" - you must search for the terms separately.
  • searching for words containing hyphens (for example, "12-year-old" contains hyphens) will not find what you are searching for. You can try putting the words or words in quotation marks without the hypen (EX: "12 year old", to find 12-year-old). This may work.
  • please note that you may choose several categories of searches, according to the links near the top of the search page (Content pages - Multimedia Help and Project pages - Everything - Advanced). If you do not find what you are looking for, then be try those explore choices, too.
  • if worse comes to worse, you can try doing a Google search. Put the search term or terms in the search field (you may use Boolean search terms (EX: you OR me, you AND me, me NOT you) followed by the phrase (EX: great boy movie
NOTE: Google often will not give results for searches containing certain words, key words they feel are used by those searching for child porn, etc. How nice of Google to do that. I'm sure serious academic researchers trying to locate information about pedophilia, etc. really appreciate that. :-\

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