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BoyWiki's content guidelines aim to ensure the safety of its participants, the continuing operation of BoyWiki, and the usefulness of the resource. This document contains guidelines for contributors to follow while submitting content here. Authority in applying these guidelines to contributions rests in the Keeper of the Wiki and the Curators. Violations will be dealt with as set forth in the abuse policy.

Base guidelines

BoyWiki is a free, open compendium of knowledge and information. It exists to help collect and preserve the history and culture of the online boylove community, as well as to serve as an information resource that is useful to boylovers. To help keep the information contained here free, we have placed all our content under the GNU Free Documentation License. You must be the copyright holder of any content you submit, because when you submit it, you authorize BoyWiki and others to redistribute it under the same license. The only exceptions to this are works which are under a compatible license, which are in the public domain, or short excerpts as provided by fair use.

The determination of legality is primarily defined by Canadian law and secondarily by US federal law. All content must clearly fall within the law. Admission of unprosecuted illegal activity is not allowed. Erotica, which is material with the primary purpose of sexual stimulation, or discussing where to obtain erotica involving persons under 18 years of age is not allowed. Counseling or advocating illegal sexual activities with minors under the age of consent is not allowed.

Every online persona has the right to privacy and security. Contributing identifying information about oneself is highly discouraged. Contributing identifying real-life information about others is not allowed. Linking identifiable real-life persons to online personas or linking one online persona to another (nick linking) is not allowed. In addition, claiming identifiable living persons are boylovers is not allowed. Criticism of public figures in the performance of their duties, or of other online personas by nick is allowed, but defaming or libeling identifiable living persons is not allowed. BoyWiki must not be used to share real-life contact information between adults and minors under 18.

Encyclopedia guidelines

Articles which serve as encyclopedic references should be objective, factual in content, and balanced in tone. Proper English should be employed and articles may be heavily copyedited to ensure readability. Sources and references should be cited so that statements made in contributions can be verified. There are many topics which are controversial and topics where the boylove community shares no common agreement. In its role as an online boylove encyclopedia, BoyWiki strives to acknowledge differing viewpoints fairly and without necessarily advocating any particular one. Space can be granted to explore many different facets of topics.

In the case of major disagreements on the content of any article, good-faith discourse should be held on the article's discussion page. In the event of a stalemate, disagreements may be arbitrated by a Curator.

Entertainment guidelines

Articles which serve as entertainment references have less of a need for objectivity than encyclopedic articles. Sources and references are still encouraged. Content should still be balanced, with room for more than one point of view. Adding information to assist in finding more information or obtaining media--such as ISBN numbers for books--is encouraged but links to external vendors are not not.

Life guidelines

Articles which serve as life references may at times be very colloquial in tone. Depending on the specific type of article, such as joke lists, no basis in fact may be needed. As long as the base guidelines are met, common sense can be employed here.

User page guidelines

Each user has a user page which he may maintain as he sees fit, as long as the base guidelines are met. Opinions and reviews may be put online to share with the community and even linked to from other articles, with the understanding that user pages are also licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Extra pages may be used to organize content by adding a slash ("/") plus a subpage title after the user page address.Pages that are not ready for publication may also be kept as a user subpage however it is recomended that such pages be added as a draft entry. Excessive use of resources will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Image guidelines

Users may not upload images automatically to BoyWiki but must submit them via email, and externally hosted images may not be linked inline with article text. Any image that is contributed must conform to the base guidelines and be submitted to be licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License by the copyright holder.

  • BoyWiki may also host images made available by the copyright holder under the Creative Commons license or with expressed consent from the copyright holder, on a case by case basis.

If you are the copyright holder of any text or non-text media found on BoyWiki and wish it removed, email:

See also: BoyWiki:Terms of Service