BoyWiki:Abuse policy

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BoyWiki's abuse policy aims to protect against contributions which interfere with the safety of its participants, the continuing operation of BoyWiki, and the usefulness of the resource. This document contains our policy for acting against these threats. Authority in applying this policy to contributions rests in the Keeper of the Wiki and the Curators.

Lesser infractions

Some contributions are undesired because they work against BoyWiki's goal of being a useful place to find free information. Lesser infractions result in warnings, followed by short edit blocks. Repeated infractions result in edit blocks of increasing duration.

Inappropriate content is content which does not belong in the BoyWiki article to which it was contributed. Examples include content which is patently false or deliberately misleading, personal attacks, off-topic material and disruptive changes to article pages. Copyright infractions are contributions which contain material to which the contributor does not have the right to contribute to BoyWiki. Examples are contributions of material which is not licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 and compatible licenses, or to which the contributor does not hold copyright and which is not covered by fair use.

Campaigns of harrassment are continued attacks against individual users of BoyWiki or against other persons. Examples include contributing derrogatory remarks, reverting acceptable contributions by users, and tampering with others' user pages. Defaming or libelling others is also inappropriate. This does not extend to criticism of public officials in the execution of their official duties.

Greater infractions

Other contributions are undesired because they endanger BoyWiki's continued operation and usefulness, and endanger the security of its users. There is much less leniency in dealing with greater infractions because of their impact on the resource. Greater infractions quickly lead to indefinite edit blocks and further action in coordination with the Free Spirits security team.

Illegal content is material which is illegal under Canadian and US federal law. This includes erotica involving minors, which is material designed for the primary purpose of sexual stimulation which involves minors or people under the local age of consent. Counselling or advocating sexual activity with minors is illegal under Canadian law. This does not include discussion on age of consent laws. Admission of illegal activities is not allowed except in instances where it is clear that the illegal activity in question has been prosecuted.

Identifying information is information which gives the real life identity of any living person. Under no circumstances is posting identifying information about other people allowed. Nick linking is identifying a real life person or online persona with another online persona. Nick linking is not allowed. Exchanging real-life contact information between adults and minors or using BoyWiki to facilitate such exchange is strictly forbidden.

Vandalism is the willful disruption, defacement, or deletion of BoyWiki content that results in reduced usability of the resource. Such actions will not be tolerated.

Targeted attacks are actions which interfere with the continuing operation and usability of BoyWiki, including both technological measures and spam attacks. BoyWiki works together with the Free Spirits security team to address targeted attacks whenever necessary.