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A BoyWiki namespace is a set of BoyWiki pages whose names begin with a reserved word recognized by the MediaWiki software (followed by a colon). In the case of the article (or main) namespace, the namespace name is nameless (i.e. the page name).

In other pages that are usually non-encyclopedic content, the namespace is part of the title of a page name. For example, in the user namespace all titles begin with "User:" other examples are BoyWiki:(page name), Help:(page name) ect...

Subject namespaces] Talk namespaces
0 (Main/Article) talk pages 1
2 User pages User talk 3
4 BoyWiki BoyWiki talk 5
6 Draft Draft talk 7
8 Template Template talk 9
10 Help Help talk 11
12 Category Category talk 13
  • Main namespace (no prefix): contains all articles, lists, disambiguation pages, and redirects. Sometimes referred to as "mainspace".
  • User namespace (prefix User:): contains user pages and other pages created by individual users for their own personal use. Pages under this namespace can still be viewed and modified by others, so do not keep any of your sensitive data here.
  • BoyWiki namespace or Project namespace (prefix BoyWiki:): contains many types of pages connected with the BoyWiki itself: information, policy, processes, discussion, etc.
  • Draft namespace (prefix: Draft:): hosts drafts of new BoyWiki articles.
  • Template namespace (prefix Template:): contains templates – pages that are intended primarily to be transcluded or substituted onto other pages to insert standard text or boxes such as infoboxes and navigation boxes.
  • Help namespace (prefix Help:): contains pages which provide help in using BoyWiki and its software, both for readers of BoyWiki and for its editors.
  • Category namespace (prefix Category:): contains category pages, which display a list of pages and subcategories that have been added to a particular category, and optional additional text.