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Boys On Your Screen is a message board dedicated to the discussion of boy actors, boy films, boys on television, boys in the music industry, and the general topic of boys in entertainment. The participants of this site frequently post pictures of their favorite actors as well as caps from movies, television shows, and links to YouTube videos.

The site was the concept of Sensitive Stephen who ran the board for many years. The site is now managed by a group who call themselves The Four Wise Monkeys.


Sensitive Stephen founded the site and his imprint was huge. I think that many could not envision the place without him. But for so many years, it started getting more difficult to maintain such a site as the general environment became increasingly less friendly. Going to celebrity only was really necessary for survival.

On Jan 18, 2009, Sensitive Stephen kind of shocked people with an announcement that due to financial reasons, he did not intend to renew the server fee due on Jan 25 and that the site would be closing. He said that if someone came along and was willing to take over, and that he knew he could trust that person with the security of the membership, he would help in turning things over. But there was very little time. A few of us wrote to SS indicating an interest, if some accommodation could be arranged. I said that I could pay server fees and moderate, but my technical skills sucked. Lanky Lad and O.F. also indicated an interest. O.F. was very experienced with the software. All were acceptable to SS, and we started to wonder if we could reduce costs and come in as a team and draw on whatever each of us did well. Lanky demanded he had control of the corner pics.

It looked like we had a deal in principle and SS paid one month's server costs to buy time. The tentative deal was announced on the forum on Feb 7. 2009. Eventually SS left and formed a movie site, The Boy Scouts, for a while. It wasn't long before we added Daedalus, largely to share costs as I recall. Maybe after a year, O.F. just kind of disappeared. We found out from a friend of his that he was fine, but had lost interest. After a while, we added Doodle. But after some time, it became clear that being a Monkey was depressing and upsetting him. Eventually. he dropped out and we were 3 Monkeys again. I approached Silent (but deadly) in about 2012 or 2013 to be the fourth money as I thought he'd be good in the role.

Anyway it's one hell of an accomplishment to keep this place (SS's legacy) open. My recollection is that it was very difficult to find someone familiar with the software. I guess it's ancient, but I always found that members quite liked it.

silentsurfer, 5/28/2023[1]


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