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Jump to: navigation, search ( is an online message board for boylovers which was originally created by its owner Boyfeet on 2 May 2003.

It attracted early attention from members of other boylove boards through links and advertising. Within two months of opening, its membership had grown to over 1000, and it continued to gain an average of over 50 new registrations a week. Within three months had reached over 2000 members. It also attracted a large number of casual browsers every day.

Boyfeet closed on 7 September 2003, without any notice to members and staff. Steven, webmaster and owner of BLISS (Boylove International Support Society), picked up and renamed it Many staff and members of the original board came to the refounded when it was launched on 15 September 2003.

The website, updated around once a month with positive news about little boys, it is also managed by BoyMoment staff.

Content offers message boards for debate, entertainment, and non-English-speaking members.

In addition to the forums, offers an information section named Student Info Pack which includes articles and informational pages regarding boylove, and a section called School Store which offers hosted siggies, desktop wallpapers, MSN emoticons and a lot more.

There is another section devoted entirely to external links.


The board staff takes security and privacy issues seriously. Precautions include:

  • The hosting of members' siggies and avatar pictures by This requires members to submit changes to their sigpics to the staff.
  • Inactive membership accounts are regularly purged.

The board management deals severely with fights and troublemakers. has a "three strikes" policy wherein a member who breaks the rules 3 times is banned with no option to return.

The management often provides the members with information for protecting their privacy and on risks elsewhere on the Internet.

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