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The Party for Neighbourly Love, Freedom, and Diversity or The Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party (Partij voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit, PNVD) is a Dutch political party that has supported some of the objectives associated with Minor Attracted People and liberalization of Age of Consent laws. It's motto is "sapere aude ("Have courage to use your own reason"). The PNVD was originally founded on 31 May 2006.[1][2] On 14 March 2010, the party was dissolved.[3] The party was restarted on 7 August 2020, with its website.[4]


According to their official statement in 2006, the PNVD's platform aimed to maximize diversity and liberty.[5] They proposed allowing individuals, from the age of 12, to vote, have sex, gamble, choose their place of residence, and use soft drugs. Hard drugs would be legal at 16, as that would be the new age of majority. They also intended to eliminate marriage in the law, permit public nudity anywhere in the country, make railway travel free, and institute a comprehensive animal rights platform.[5] They were opposed to immigration and religious elementary schools.[6]

Announcement 2-27-22

Appeal to all fellow paedophiles in the EU and all European countries

For more than 30 years paedophiles have been confronted with inhuman state terror by the various governments who make our lives in Europe but also in the USA into hell. They try to make society believe that we are responsible for the many abuses of minors. The media are largely responsible for this because they project this image and spread fear and unrest. It is suggested that the current policy, the witch-hunt against paedophiles, leads to solutions. The opposite is true; the problems of sexual abuse of minors have never been greater.

The biggest problem is the lies of the media and the government that try to justify their actions to us. Recent research by the probation service has shown that between 80 and 90% of all registered reports of abuse are made by non-pedophiles. The remaining percentage involving paedophiles are, in most cases, mutually wanted sexual contacts that are not recognised by the government and are therefore punishable.

It is therefore unjust and unfair that paedophiles are terrorised by the media, the government and society in such an inhumane way. In the Netherlands we have tried to counteract this through the Vereniging Martijn, which was banned and dissolved in 2014 without having committed a single criminal offence. The PNVD has also found that our democratic system has made it impossible to engage in dialogue with politicians. However, the party was not banned but dissolved by us in 2010.

Nevertheless, the government has continued to tighten morality laws with disastrous consequences for the paedophile community. In 2019, we decided to re-establish the PNVD resulting in several searches and arrests of those involved.

Despite all the terror from the government, the PNVD still exists. However, we have come to the conclusion that we are increasingly faced with European legislation that tries to make our lives difficult. We will therefore have to organise ourselves at European level as well, so that we can make a fist against this discriminating Europe.

We have therefore made contact with our German sympathisers and are going to try to set up a European political party with branches in all the countries.

I therefore call on everyone who has put their fears behind them to join us and to work towards a more humane and liberal policy towards the paedophile community in the world.

You can respond to but also via Ketzerschriften.

Thank you in advance.[7]

Ad van den Berg

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