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  • The Descent of Chester (by Ironclad) - This essay was originally posted to BoyChat in the late 1990's and was reposted by Ironclad on October 24, 2005. It is considered a classic. The ideas presented in this essay were well before Rind's Evolutionary Normalcy of Hebephilia which was published in 2012. Satirical and intelligent, it explores the possible evolutionary origins of those attracted to boys. Whether you agree with the concepts presented or not, this is a must read essay for every boylover.
  • “HOMELAND SECURITY'S” ASSAULT ON TRAVEL - How America's sex laws endanger you, your children's and everyone's freedom of movement as travelers are routinely detained, interrogated, searched and harassed by the Department of Homeland Security in a systematic effort to erode the foreign travel rights of American “registered sex offenders” (and regardless of the outcome of the International Megan's Law bill now before Congress). By David Kennerly