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I can imagine how you feel, users Redirect fixer, RedirectBot, Hínandil, Setarcos, JonasBoy, Gany, Werwiewas, B t, TestUser2, Kernellius, ManBoyTantra, NewgonAdmin, Hans Blüher, Progressive, MrLatin, Kroko, SnoopyBoy, Bigham, ImaginaryBoy, Gabriel, Hannoboy, André Ferron, SM, Asch, Aessaehm, Antinoos, Connor, Newnick, Peter, Soby, Salix, Cyber008, Pierce, BerndBro, Fg68at, Gute stimme, Balatoni, Kerus, RoslynBN, Showerboy, Max, The playful mind, Ronny21, Jk, Koro, Fleetwood, Maluquinho, Sunchild81, Torpedobl, Lascar, Dieter-K13, Roman Czyborra, Mig, BoyWikiAdmin, Ghostwriter and Metternich, when you try to log in to BoyWiki to resume editing. You probably feel very angry that you are now blocked, and perhaps say "Screw you, BoyWiki! What did I do wrong that deserved that I should be blocked! NOTHING!."

It is such a shame, because though you would (naturally) assume that you were deliberately blocked for "some misfeasance" on your part, you were actually blocked during a migration of the wiki, and no admin later either took the time to, or even thought to, unblock you.

Oh, well, software glitches can often lead to misunderstandings.

What is really a shame is that BoyWiki -- while desperately in need of "users" to continue to edit and create new articles -- has (apparently) "shot itself in the foot" by alienating all of the people who had originally showed an interest in becoming "users". And at this point, trying to get you guys to come back and continue editing is probably impossible.

I suppose it's just another example of "unintended consequences" combined with, of course, pure unadulterated ineptitude. Typical, I'm sure you know, of most things having to do with BoyLovers and Boylove.

"C'est la vie", for a BoyLover.