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[[File:Khwāja Shams-ud-Dīn Muḥammad Ḥāfeẓ-e Shīrāzī (Hafez or Hafiz). Miniature painting.png|thumb|center|Khwāja Shams-ud-Dīn Muḥammad Ḥāfeẓ-e Shīrāzī (1315–1390), known as Hafez or Hafiz (حافظ <i>Ḥāfeẓ</i>, "the memorizer; the [safe] keeper"). Miniature painting held in the National Museum of Damascus, Syria.]]
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#REDIRECT [[(BLSB) - The Persian Lyrical Motif of the Young Male Beloved as Featured in a Poem by Ḥáfiz̤]]
From <i>Ḥáfiz̤ of Shíráz: Selections from His Poems</i>, translated from the Persian by Herman Bicknell, edited by Algernon Sidney Bicknell (London: Trübner & Co., 1875). Footnotes omitted.
<div style="margin:.5em auto; width:95%; min-height:5em; background-color:#F5FAFF; border:3px solid #c9c9ff; padding:1em;">
Although upon his moon-like cheek delight and beauty glow,<br>
Nor constancy nor love is there: O Lord! these gifts bestow.
A child makes war against my heart; and he in sport one day<br>
Will put me to a cruel death, and law shall not gainsay.
What seems for my own good is this: my heart from him to guard;<br>
For one who knows not good from ill its guardianship were hard.
Agile and sweet of fourteen years that idol whom I praise:<br>
His ear-rings in her soul retains the moon of fourteen days,
A breath as the sweet smell of milk comes from those sugary lips;<br>
But from those black and roguish eyes behold what blood there drips!
My heart to find that new-born rose has gone upon its way;<br>
But where can it be found, O Lord? I’ve lost it many a day.
If the young friend who owns my heart my centre thus can break,<br>
The Páshá will command him soon the lifeguard’s rank to take.
I’d sacrifice my life in thanks,<br>
If once that pearl of sheen<br>
Would make the shell of ḤÁFIZ̤’ eye<br>
Its place of rest serene.
[[File:Reclining Youth. Persian miniature painting. Iran, first third of the 17th century.png|thumb|center|<i>Reclining Youth</i>. [[Persian Empire|Persian]] miniature painting. Iran, first third of the 17th century. Gouache and gold. Saint Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum, VР-706.]]
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