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Alexander's Choice is a novel set at Eton College in 1983-4 by Edmund Marlowe, an old boy of the school, as his début work. It tells of the love affair of Alexander Aylmer, a new boy at the school aged 13-14 and Damian Cavendish, a new, young English master.


The subject of sex between older and younger boys at Eton has been briefly alluded to in previous fiction, notably in The Fourth of June by David Benedictus (1962) [1]. but this is the only novel to have made boylove there its main theme.

Plot introduction

Major themes

Main characters

  • Alexander Aylmer, a stunning beauty of 13-14, intelligent, loyal, passionate and self-willed, his great academic interest is in ancient history.
  • Rupert Drysdale, Alexander's best friend of his own age and a worldly influence on him.
  • Julian Smith, aged 16-17
  • Guy Cowburn, a snobbish bully in Julian's year
  • Peter Leigh, Guy's principal crony and a thief.
  • Damian Cavendish, aged 22-23
  • Jack Hodgson, housemaster of Peyntors, Alexander's house at Eton.
  • Mr. Allenby, the Head Master of Eton.
  • Sir Henry ("Hal") Aylmer, Alexander's father, a Lord Justice of Appeal.
  • Penelope Aylmer, Alexander's mother.
  • Alfred Smith alias Wertheimber, Julian's father.
  • Denise Smith, Julian's mother, a feminist social worker whose prominence as a campaigner against "child sex abuse" only becomes clear towards the end.
  • Walter Cavendish, Damian's father, an aristocratic ex-radical.
  • Jim Hatchet, a Detective Inspector


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  • Benedictus, David (1977). The Fourth of June. London: Anthony Blond. London: Sphere. ISBN 978-0-7221-1,