Lovers' Legends: The Gay Greek Myths (book)

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Lovers' Legends: The Greek Myths (ISBN 0-9714686-0-5) is a 2002 book by Andrew Calimach, which presents and discusses the Greek myths of male love. This work evokes the world view of two-to-three thousand years ago. The work restores the myths using the exact language of the original fragments whenever possible using the present tense.

Calimach, in his seminars, describes the stories as "orphan myths" because they do not play into any of the main modern political agendas. They depict idealized age-structured male love relationships, thus they do not serve the purpose of the mainstream gay movement.

Lovers' Legends Unbound

Lovers' Legends Unbound is a theatrical production directed by Agnes Lev, performed by Timothy Carter, with incidental music composed and performed by Steve Gorn. The work was released by Haiduk Press in 2004 as an audio-CD together with an illustrated libretto. Based on the mythographical research of Andrew Calimach, as published in the Lovers' Legends: The Gay Greek Myths work; the performance condenses, intensifies, and brings the Greek myths of male love back to life.

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