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BoyWiki Dictionary: Pedohysteria (dictionary)
n /pē'dō/ - /hiˈsterēə, -ˈsti(ə)rēə/

¹ A socially contagious frenzy of irrational behavior (often media-generated and driven) in a group of people as a reaction to the perception that minor attracted people poses a menace to society.

Pedo-hysteria is defined as a collective or group hysteria associated with collective delusions of a threat to a group, community or society that spread rapidly through rumors or negative propaganda to create fear of minor attracted people.

My take on Pedo-hysteria - Eric Tazelaar

"Pedo-Hysteria is the irrational fear and hatred of those whose sexual and affectional preferences are oriented towards children or adolescents. The hysteria further extends beyond those identified as such to include a general mistrust and surveillance of society as a whole in an effort to further identify those people, behaviors, published materials and media they believe symptomatic of pedophilic impulses and expression.

"Pedo-Hysteria can be seen to have arisen within the context of a "moral panic" or a "moral crusade", the most contemporary of which now prevails nearly worldwide but, currently, most acutely expressed in Anglophone and "Western" countries.

"Pedo-Hysteria has emerged chiefly as a result of media, governmental, and non-governmental information propagated throughout society to deliver a grossly distorted characterization of the behavior and the risks posed by those people identified as pedophiles. This has been achieved through the use of selective reporting, systematic disinformation (which includes specious claims and unfounded statistical risks) and the demonstrable failure of journalism to objectively report and independently verify claims of child sexual abuse and its alleged perpetrators supplied to it by law enforcement and non-governmental interests.

"Pedo-Hysteria can be seen as a consequence of false, exaggerated or misleading information influencing those already so predisposed, by centuries-old religious and cultural prejudices, to hate and fear individuals in their society who have unconventional sexual and love interests. Those affected by pedo-hysteria include many who believe themselves free of religious or cultural prejudice, such as may be found in the feminist "victimist" conception of women and children.

"Crimes against children", as pedo-hysterics view them, can only be seen as demanding the most severe of all legal sanctions and remedy against their perpetrators, with a goal of permanently incapacitating those individuals identifed as "pedophiles" through the use of lifetime incarceration and complete banishment from society. In this way, "pedo-hysteria" may be seen as an urgent "cleansing" of a society "contaminated" by the nearly existential threat posed by "pedophilia". (See Criminal class)

"Any group, information, scientific study, statistics, or individuals identified by the pedo-hysterics as posing a threat to the continued existence of the hysteria itself, are to be denounced, impugned, subverted and silenced to the greatest extent possible. This extends to the use of governmental agencies to infiltrate, surveil and subvert those organizations or groups felt to pose a risk to the hysteria through the use of both legal and extra-legal methods to entrap and incapacitate individuals comprising them."[1]

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  1. My take on Pedo-hysteria - Eric Tazelaar

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