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Reconceptualization, or the the reconceptualizing of a concept that a person holds or an idea that a person believes, is a very clever method of persuasion that psychologists and psychiatrists have developed to give credibility to their (often unproven and unfounded) theories.

Where an ordinary person may just try to "persuade" another person that something is true or false, a psychologist or psychiatrist (being the "trusted professionals" that they are) will, when a patient has other (meaning "wrong") ideas about something, "guide" the "patient" to "reconceptualize" whatever idea or ideas that they want to patient to believe. In other words, it is a kind of the simple brainwashing of the "patient" into believing whatever it is the psychologist or psychiatrist wants the patient to believe, never mind what the patient already believes. It is psychobabble and pseudoscience.

BoyLovers who are in "treatment" are often said to be "in denial" about the (supposed) "great harms" that they have (supposedly) done to boys by having sexual relationships with them. These BoyLovers are then taught to (falsely) "reconceptualize" the sexual activity as having actually been harmful to the boys, when in fact most BoyLove sexual relationships are engaged in by the boy very willingly, and cause absolutely no harm at all to the boys.

On the other hand, the "mental health professional" then leads the boy who has been in a sexual relationship with the BoyLover to "reconceptualize" (in his mind) the sexual activity as having been "harmful" to the boy, whether or not the boy had originally thought the activity had been harmful or not.

So for every one BoyLover patient, the "mental health professional" is able to double his money (or more!) by then treating the boy (or boys) whom the BoyLover had had relationships with, too, for the (supposed) "great harm" the boy or boys have (supposedly) experienced.

Neat, huh?

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