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A .PDF version of the 1980 book: THE BOSTON SEX SCANDAL by the late John Mitzel is now in preparation and will very soon be made available for on-line access. It describes in detail the persecution in Boston of a number of BoyLovers which led to the foundation of the Boston/Boise Committee (B/BC), and, shortly afterward, to NAMBLA.

It is an excellent read. It describes in detail the political persecution of BLs, and demonstrates police tactics used to out, persecute, and destroy BLs -- just as the Azov prosecutions are doing now.

Reviews of the book:

"In his irreverent, hilarious and hard-hitting prose, Mitzel reveals the hypocrisy and cynicism that underlie the current crusade against intergenerational love. This book is a detailed look at the often banal, always ambiguous truth that the sex scandal headlines have masked. I predict that children's liberation will be the next great social movement in North America. This book will serve as a major document in what will turn out to be the most violent and radical debate on human rights we shall witness."


"Mitzel's book is a brilliant and disturbing piece of investigative journalism. Brilliant because it meticulously documents and spotlights a witchhunt that might otherwise have appeared little more than isolated and accidental incidents. Disturbing because it reveals the ease with which many people — thirty years after McCarthyism — still allow themselves to be seduced by yellow journalism, government inspired hysteria, and antisexual foolishness into turning the victim into the criminal, and the criminal into the victim. This book is a welcome addition to the arsenal not only of men and boys who love each other, but of all those who wish to put an end to the tyranny of fear, stupidity, and the arrogance of the state. Mitzel touches a raw nerve."


The book sets the stage for the current Azov prosecutions you detail.

Does the book seem of interest to you? User4 (talk) 01:11, 23 February 2015 (UTC)

(Note: You can read a more comprehensive review of this book, and several other BL-related books at this link: