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I would argue that is is often illegal to be a pedophile. When you can be locked up for the rest of you life due to civil commitment based not on what you have done but simply who you are.... is it really not illegal to be minor attracted? --Etenne 02:57, 24 September 2018 (UTC)

Western countries seem to differentiate though the society in each country does not. If it were criminal by law to be a paedophile, child sex offenders would never be released 100% of the time on the basis that they might be a paedophile. Further, people diagnosed with paedophilic disorder (per DSM-V) would be immediately incarcerated even if no criminal action has taken place at any point. Diagnosis usually demands therapy, but does not identify the subject diagnosed as a criminal.
Society, however, treats all paedophiles the same so to them there's no difference.
Edit: Perhaps we add a line stating that paedophiles are typically regarded as a criminal class despite paedophilia not being illegal?
Hope I'm using indenting right in this. Never done Wiki discussions before. FalseAlias (talk) 12:38, 24 September 2018 (UTC)

I'am a pedophile and people don'nt threaten me even though they know that I'm a pedophile.They got hate speech laws in Sweden.But in america you cannot even write that article about infantophilia?.But you can get your site taken down because I wrote something disturbing on the infantophilia articl?I mean jusf to be for destigmatizing of pedophilia is a way to encourage sexaual relationships beetween children and adults.The only thing I wrote in that article was that BDSM-sex with three-year olds is not legal yet.And that is a truism.I mean nothing that I have written on this website is anywhere as disturbing as Retif de la Bretonne and de Sade's stuff

1. This is not the place for your petty free-speech problems. Take that up with the standards of how to write objective and encyclopedic articles that do not promote any specific practice (legal or otherwise) where all information included is directly relevant to either the subject at hand or the point being made (wherein the point is directly related to the subject at hand).
2. Your attitude is awful, fix it. I'm a paedophile too. Your edit was not intended to destigmatise paedophilia, but was to encourage sexual activity with minors. ANYONE would be capable of spotting that several miles away. You can always view the edit history to see exactly what you wrote, and see it's more than simple that BDSM-sex is not legal with three-year-old children. You'd be better writing it in plain English where it cannot be misintepreted than by providing unnecessary information that does not correlate the statement that BDSM-sex is not legal with three-year-old children.
3. Learn to sign your name at the end of your discussion messages Mr. Larsson. FalseAlias (talk) 02:12, 25 September 2018 (UTC)