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The United States of America, also known as the USA, is a country in North America. It is a vast country, with a population of near 330 million people and an area that takes up well over one third of the North American continent. The United States also have many interests and political partners all over the world, especially in the western world.

Boyloving in America

Considering the size and diversity of the United States, there will of course be cultural variations across the country that can affect how boylovers are viewed. But still, there has been a general trend for the last decades all over the country; That all people who are attracted to or have sexual contact with minors are viewed in an extremely negative way and equated with the worst sort of child rapists. This includes boylovers.

The United States is also often accused by boylovers for 'exporting' hostile attitudes towards boylovers to the rest of the world And is considered part of the Axis of evil.