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[A full treatment of this to Ic would be very long. ( See’’ What follows is the question of format as seen by the pornographer and the pornography collector. While I never produced video pornography — I am doing some small scale audio porn —my masturbation addiction, of which I’m proud, and the resources I had as a professional, meant I could buy each format of pornography as it vanquished the old. — Talk:Wanker

Home pornography was born around 1979, with the commercial launch of the home video recorder, which used cartridges of 1/2" magnetic tape in two formats, the triumphant VHS (Video Home System), and the technically superior Beta, used only by the brand Sony, which captured a significant market share., 2 inch and 3/4 inch video recorders are earlier, but they were too expensive for home use and a content industry in those formats never arose, The videodisc (12" discs) was popular in the 1990s, and for a few years it was routine for major mainstream studios to release movies in that format if they were released in VHS. It was an analocg device and could not keep up with the improvements in picture quality from digital devices.

8 milimeter film was used on a small scale for porn. It required in most cases that the pornographer set up his own film developing facility, as sending it to a commercial lab would mean sure incarceration. Old Reliable (David Hurles, did that. Pornographers tended to be friends with each other — many of them fucked each other, or shared younger “models” — and there are isolated cases of shared darkrooms. (Film developing required a dafk room, which could only be illuminated with a pale red light, red being the color photographic film is least sensitive to. I had my own darkroom in high school; my parents gave me the equipment. Unfortunately, dick pics, I learned the hard way, were not of much interest to students in the early 1960s.)

A limited amount of gay porn was available in VHS, still on the home workshop level. The CD (Compact Disc), a 5" plastic disc, was first seen about 1984; with audio (music,usually) files using the storage-hog, copy-protection-free but technically simpler .wav (wave) format. The discs could be read by home computers, first on external attached devices, then builtin. This became the main format for pre-Internet pornography. Decreasing costs meant that recording capability, which first required expensive equipment, became built in

For all intents and purposes, the only formats in which sold p gay pornography existed, existence definedthere being a list or caralog, advertised or circulated to small maklong lists, such as that of Straight to Hell, hand-addressed inthe hundred by Boyd McDonald).s there was at least one gay pornography was sold