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After The Fall: A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying Pedophobia in the 21st Century

>> Foreword

Wherever you are reading this, I suggest you save, copy, or make backups because this paper might not be there for long. This work is protected by the First Amendment, and that’s a blessing. Our long tradition of free speech allows us to present some of the most unfathomable and disagreeable ideas to the public without fear. How else would society move forward if highly unpopular ideas weren’t available for open debate? I fully expect this essay to be vilified. It will be treated the same way abolitionist literature was treated in the 18th century, calls for women’s’ suffrage in the 19th and gay literature in the early 20th. It will be labelled obscene, outrageous, beyond-the-pale. But I ask all those reading to keep an open mind, even if it is currently filled with murderous rampage. This essay is not meant for every audience. It is specifically tailored as a bill of assistance to America’s most hated sexual minority- teens and adults attracted to children. We present this manuscript as a complete plan for total legal, social, and political equity within a short time frame. Because reality has a progressive bias, your triumph is inevitable. Victory is assured.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:12:18 No.2

[Trigger Warnings: Long, Sex]

>> Introduction

Recent victories for gay rights have left many celebrating and some shocked. How did the movement advance so far in such a short period of time? The truth is, it wasn’t magic. People didn’t just "naturally" change their minds on the issue. It took years of effort by activists, peer pressure and effective social advertising techniques. All of these were laid out in a game plan co-written by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen entitled "After the Ball: How America Will Conquer It's Fear and Hatred of Gays in the '90's.


At the time this book was written, gays had won a few victories yet weren’t gaining much ground. Well-reasoned arguments and friendly chats with neighbors weren’t cutting it. The social stigma against homosexuality was almost as strong as the one against pedosexuality today. Since then, LGBT activists and organizations have been following this playbook to the letter, rapidly gained increasing acceptance and recently won a Supreme Court victory ensuring their right to love. As stated, the purpose of this article is to adapt those same winning strategies. Keyword here: Adapt. Your situation and theirs, despite surface similarities is not exactly the same. Some strategies they used will not work for you, and not everything they did was smart. Learn from their mistakes and achieve equality even faster.

Take it from a former pedophobe who saw the light- this is war. There are those who will gladly do much worse than kill you for what you believe in. Before I actually researched the issue, I felt the same way. Now I only feel sympathy and want to help. If you don't treat this as an all-out fight for survival, for acceptance, for the right to be love and be loved- then you are doomed to failure. If you are not willing to face struggle and rejection, screaming and even pure silence from family, you need to stop reading and close the tab immediately. You already know what you desire isn't harmful or unnatural, only a more perfect and virtuous union. You understand that legality has never dictated morality. When slavery was legal it was still immoral and while marijuana is illegal it shouldn’t be. This is not about the morality of the issue. It isn't just about you or what you believe. It's about the millions of men, women and children constantly living in fear because they know that if they were discovered they would be lose their jobs, be beaten, jailed or worse. You will face hardship. You will have to step on a few toes. But some guy named Benjamin Franklin once said

-"Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither”.

We know what has to be done. Now it's only a matter of doing it. Toxic ideas and bigotry permeate our society, turning right into wrong and poisoning childrens' minds with hate. Still, there are those who selfishly place their own wants over the needs of others. Stability should never come before equality.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:14:32 No.3

Of chief issue are self-hating pedosexuals and their enablers. They call themselves “virtuous”. In truth they are feckless and morally bankrupt. Too many have swallowed the lies of society whole and believe that they themselves are defective, instead of those who victimize the most vulnerable. If you can't accept yourself, how can you expect the world to accept you? For them, the most important battle is inside. After that, the rest is EZ-Mode. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m happy I’m not one of you. I don’t have to deal with forbidden attractions on a daily basis. Even if I can’t find a date, I can easily find legal porn to watch online. I could never handle the stress of never being able to truly and fully love someone, but I can offer this encouragement: Never doubt that you are on the right side of history. The past several decades have been marked by the relentless removal of barriers to love- from nationality to color and sex. Age is the only one left, and even then the taboo is an extremely recent one. Pedophobia first reared it’s ugly head in the 1600s due to Puritan morality and a Victorian view of sex as inherently evil. After a long period of liberalization, the paranoia reached crisis levels in the 1980s with the rise of the religious right, "family values" and criminalization of child sexuality. While stigmas against the number of people in a relationship remain, they are not nearly severe as the one against age. The end goal (and best kept secret!) of the queer rights movement has always been complete sexual liberation for all people and all ages- not just gays and lesbians. You can read this for yourself in their founding documents which advocated the repeal of age of consent laws until circa 1980. Society can only take so much change at a time, so it made sense not to force everything all at once. So far, they’ve done a great job. Now it’s your turn to pick up where they left off and finish what Stonewall started by demanding equal rights. Nobody will stand up for you until you stand up for yourselves.

Forget what society has told you: Pedophobia is not natural. It's an entirely manufactured hatred, one that rests on shallow intellectual foundations that are province of the weak-minded. America has been wrong before and it’s wrong again. I could go on all day debunking the lies misconceptions and stereotypes, but this book isn't about that: You already know the arguments. This book is about how we will overcome- kinds and straights, together. We will degrade, defeat and ultimately destroy pedophobia everywhere it lurks in society.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:18:05 No.4

>> The scope and purpose of this campaign

In truth, access to the media is what you need most. Without the help of liberal and progressive Hollywood, there will be no campaign. It’s a chicken and egg problem. While they may deny it, most are just waiting for the social climate to improve before taking the “risk” of giving you positive representation. At the same time, more representation necessarily improves the social climate for LGBTPs. The proliferation of kind relationships on television, corporate sponsorships, sympathetic ad- campaigns and social media marches are the secret weapon that will truly turn the tide. We propose the beginning of a targeted media - information campaign to educate the public and transform their social mores. Culture must be modernized and brought out of the dark ages to make room for love. We will reverse-engineer the weapons of hate they deploy against you to turn their bigotry into admiration before your very eyes.

We will not hide the fact that this is a feels-based advertising campaign. You cannot use logic to reason someone out of an emotional belief, only more emotion. Prejudice is not rational- it’s a “gut feeling”. Poignant pleas for understanding will fall on deaf ears. Some of the most hateful among us will never change and must instead be isolated from polite society. Arguments from emotion cannot be falsified in the same way rational arguments can, and although we have both emotional arguments are more effective.

Things are different than they were in 1980. We are the media. Using the internet, we have access to millions of minds in the making. In the beginning it will fall on you to create the positive portrayals and PSAs you seek, then release them on sites like Youtube. Nobody will do it for you. We need to cultivate an army of keyboard warriors who will go into battle on the comments sections of news articles and other spaces where kind issues are being discussed. Their mission is to discredit pedophobia and the war on child sexuality. Here are a few examples of pro-gay short films released online. Many have several million views. There are several dozen more and they’re easy to find.






With a properly moderated comments section, each film and PSA becomes a tool to shift public opinion.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:18:35 No.5

>> What is Pedophobia, and Where Does It Come From?

In order to destroy something you must first understand why it exists and how it works. Pedophobia is the irrational fear or hatred of child sexuality and kinds- individuals who are primarily attracted to people much younger than themselves. Kinds do not have to be explicitly attracted to children for the pedophobia neurosis to occur. A 40 year old man who dates a 25 year old woman is also branded a "pedoph***" even though it makes no sense legally.

The other half of pedophobia is the fear of childhood sexuality- things such as masturbation, innocent nudity and the like. The biggest discovery you need to make is that both are two halves of the same coin. It's not that hard to understand: Sex is viewed as a corrupting influence in our society. Most people won't admit it, but subconsciously they view sex as inherently sinful and/or harmful due to childhood indoctrination. Anyone who wants to engage in intimacy with children trigger parents’ natural protective instincts, and if those people are other adults jealousy plays a major role. The historical record proves that sex only mentally scars children in societies which demand such scarring, and ours qualifies.

While pedophilia is natural, independently appearing in several modern and ancient societies across the world, pedophobia isn't: It's usually found in sedentary western civilizations where children live highly structured lives and spend most of their time inside the home. Another common thread is the Judeo - Christian basis of these societies: The idea that pedophilia is only for impoverished third-world countries does not hold when you look at Japan. Unfortunately, due to western pressure even Japan has been forced to swallow the pedophobia pill and ban youth erotica. Interestingly enough, neither Christianity nor Judaism contain any prohibitions against relationships between unrelated children and adults, probably because marrying young was normal at the time. The concept of childhood innocence also directly goes against the bible which states that all have a tendency to do evil due to original sin. Nobody was "born good" and polluted by the world, otherwise how would evil begin in the first place? Try pointing that out to any fundamentalist.

Still, in this fight it's important not to treat religion as the enemy- just the flawed interpretation of it by a few.

Even though Victorian and Puritan morality helped stigmatize sex, the age of majority was as low as 10 in the early 1900s with parental consent. As late as 1970, adult-child relationships were no more controversial than same-sex ones. The bottom fell out when socially conservative administrations pushed restrictive bills through congress based on lies and misrepresentation in an attempt to score political brownie points. They used intellectual dishonesty to link a serious crime (the abuse, rape and torture of children), to something completely harmless (nude photos). All this was spurred on by sex-negative radical feminists who grossly overstated the size and scope of the CP market. The rest, as they say is history.

> Three Takeaways:

> Prejudice is not logical. Cannot be overcome by facts and logic.

> Prejudice is deep, automatic, product of emotional conditioning. Unassailable by any appeal to the intellect. This is why the bigot cannot be won over with rational arguments and information.

> Prejudice cannot be fought with violence and terror, only subterfuge.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:28:10 No.6

>> Pedophobia as a tool for Social Control

Pedophobia is a manufactured hatred with no basis in fact or reality. We can un-manufacture it. But it’s very useful to the powers that be, and that’s what got me interested in the subject. More and more stories are coming out about secret “pedophile” rings in society’s elite. In reality, I doubt those who participate in such schemes are true pedosexuals, most likely they’re rapists who do it for a rush of power and control: children are the ultimate forbidden fruit. One theory is that the rings use this dark secret as a means of political blackmail- “do what we say, or we will release the photos and you’ll lose it all.” It’s said that men in power will do whatever it takes to keep that power. Even if it means abusing kids. Hacking Team is widely believed to have worked on software which gives governments the ability to insert CP onto a victim’s hard drive. Since the mere possession of such images is illegal, it’s a *very* easy way to “disappear” people you don’t like. An excellent comment on /pol/, a popular political internet forum expands on these theories:

[QUOTE] “There are people on your government's payroll whose job is to collect CP so they can plant it on the PCs of political opponents.

“Again, friendly reminder that the demonization of p*dos is just a huge cover for the wealthy to encourage the sheltering of children via TV and bad friends, and is also the perfect thing for them to use to pin anyone to the ground that's a threat in any way, or that they've used up…”

“All they have to do is upload CP to their computer, or throw a USB in their home, and they're likely to get prison for a very long time and be seen as evil/wrong, etc, and thus be discredited…”

“I think you people are missing the point. It's not about "How do I protect myself" or "Is pedophilia wrong", it's "Here is concrete, tangible proof that western governments are using the mass hysteria surrounding pedophilia to destroy their political opponents."

Another comment in the same thread:

“US authorities have likely been paying computer specialists to hack into the personal computers of political opponents and upload child porn on them.”

> “I know I'm a slowpoke on this, but this is what I and many, many other people have been saying about criminalization of simple possession and every time it was brought up we would be called tinfoilers and p**os.”

> This is just another episode of /pol/ being right though, and I think I can explain it.

> Most bluepilled* people tend to be the overly optimistic type that think they're living in a utopia and nothing bad will ever happen to them, while those of us that are redpilled* are very pessimistic and can see all the worst possible outcomes of any given situation. (“Bluepilled” and “redpilled” refers to the matrix and how taking the blue pill would return someone to their normal life while taking the red pill exposes the horrible truth about the world. Someone who’s “redpilled” has a deeper understanding of history and politics and is willing to question the official narrative behind events. ) The poster continued; “From there we just use logic and reasoning to apply those outcomes to the current situation and get to the inevitable truth. In short, we pessimists are those that best understand the inhumanity of men.”

>“This is why the solution is killing the hysteria surrounding pedophiles. Right now, the issue is that pedophiles are so reviled that a mere accusation is enough to completely destroy a man's name. Even if it turns out to be fake, even if it's announced to the whole world that it was fake by the person who made the accusation, people will still mark that person as a pedophile in their mind and treat him as a wretch. If people realize pedophilia is a mental illness like any other, it'll remove its efficiency as a way to destroy reputations. Furthermore, if it's no longer effective at destroying reputations, then the idea that the government is using such accusations to destroy political opponents won't hold water any longer and they won't be able to use it as plausible deniability.”

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:28:20 No.7

“Posting this from a Reddit comment, of all things:”

>Yes, you can be ruined for any reason, without committing or being convicted of a crime. Yes you can be silenced at a moments notice by any law enforcement agency in the world, simply by an accusation.

>I know people are going to turn their noses up at this, but the uniform public hysteria over child pornography and total lack of reason in the public mindset on the subject is probably a product of social engineering perpetrated by the people that would use it as a tool to control public discourse.

>If you think about the level of hysterical behavior that comes out of just about anyone as soon as this topic is raised, you see that it's disproportionate when compared to other social issues or crimes. >When a person is charged with mass murder they are innocent until proven guilty.

>When a person is SUSPECTED (not even charged) of having some digital pictures stored on their computer (regardless of the outcome of the investigation) they are dragged out into the street and beaten to death by their neighbors (otherwise normal people). This is not coincidence.

>I'm probably taking some kind of risk just by pointing this out. Fuck it.

“And this is the top comment on the article's post on Reddit. If Reddit thinks that, then you know the people are ripe to kill the hysteria. People are realizing that something's up. The domino piece just needs a flick.”

Pedophobia means parents are afraid to let their children go outside.

Pedophobia is why there are no more male teachers in school classrooms.

Pedophobia is why more and more children are growing up ashamed of their own bodies.

Lives are ruined, and even more importantly, children’s lives are irreparably damaged.

Even if you think pedosexuality is morally wrong, you have a duty to end pedophobia for the benefit of society as a whole. So, how do we stop the bullshit? Keep reading.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:28:52 No.8

>> Stating the Problem, Staging the Solution: The road to sex-positivity.

Dear reader, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is that victory is possible within a relatively short time frame most of you will live to see. The bad news is that it will require a complete overhaul of our cultural values. Sex is the problem. Or rather, the way we view sex is the problem. Sex-Positivity is the only cure for pedophobia, and it needs to be hammered home. Opponents must be portrayed as stuck-up prudes who are behind the times, “have a problem with sex”, or just anti-sex in general. Sex positivity is more radical than you think because the Victorian model of shame goes to the root of our society. No trace of it may remain. Both nudity and sex have to become completely normal, even enforced in some cases. Culture must be desensitized to the sight of the naked body whether they like it or not. In the end, we want nudity to be the norm and intimacy looked at no differently than sleeping, eating or soccer. File it under “something you wouldn’t mind your children seeing.” Only a solution this radical will have any lasting effect, hopefully after this section you will understand why.

Many of you are familiar with the concept of “don’t touch that special place”, which explains why some people hold certain parts of the body in higher regard than others. Namely, the genitals and pubic area. Because of childhood indoctrination feelings of guilt and awkwardness surround them. We purposely keep children ignorant about their body and mistake this for “innocence”. The notion of *socially enforced* “special places” needs to be done away with. Don’t mistake this for the wrongheaded notion that everyone should accept being touched anywhere on their body- far from it. Instead, we want to give individuals the freedom to set their own special places at all ages and education to stay healthy. This can easily occur in a simple consent-based framework. Body language and verbal language are usually enough, but when in doubt spoken language can clarify.

Normalization of the genitalia (aka naturism) and sex-positivity are inextricably linked. We think penises and vaginas are weird because we don’t see them enough in normal settings, on normal people. Because these parts of the body are always covered, they gain a sort of phantom “mystique” about them. Once we begin to see them as normal parts of the body, we will naturally ask why we feel children cannot give others permission to touch there and nowhere else.

Eliminate the “specialty” of the special places, and the most important part of the battle is won. Of top priority shall be the separation of sex from nudity. People will feel more comfortable naked once they realize it doesn’t have to be sexual. Currently nudity is limited to secluded resorts, novelty events and similar oddities due to restrictive laws and concerns about hygiene. We must push for the repeal or alteration of these laws to make body-positivity a viable lifestyle. Simply placing a robe underneath you when you sit would be enough for proper hygiene. Even with these laws, property owners have wide leeway when it comes to what they can do inside.

When it comes to promoting nudity, it’s best to take an incremental attitude. More skin is always better than less skin. If people want to wear a towel around their waist at first, that’s okay. But as long as the majority of their body is uncovered, (including the top), we will be making progress. Not everyone has to be naked, but once 10% of the population decides to give it a try the other 90% will quickly follow.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:29:30 No.9

Step One: Create more nude spaces.

The only way to get the ball rolling is becoming more territorial. We already have tons of spaces where clothes are required, so we need to create nude – only spaces to balance. Nude bars, dance programs, church services, community events and parties… Even the public bathhouse. By making nudity seem exclusive, more people will want to get in and see what the fuss is about. Eventually even nude schools will be necessary to deprogram children. If we’re naked from birth and stay that way, body-negativity will just seem stupid. Mixed spaces are important too! As more nude people enter a clothed space, the clothed people will either join them or be grossed out and leave. This process is called “colonization”, and nude-friendly businesses can be rewarded with our dollars. Getting that initial permission from the space owner is critical to success.

In a sex-positive society, clothes become the exception and not the rule. While still necessary for special occasions and conditions (work protection, cold weather), we realize that they aren’t the default and lose our fear of being seen naked by others. Clothes return then to their main function: providing shelter from the elements. No need to wear them indoors where they’re unnecessary and often uncomfortable. Just like you usually take off your shoes at the door in most homes, you would take off your clothes too. Robes may return to being a normal form of dress. The only time indoor nudity shouldn't be required is during sickness, if you’re dirty, when women are nursing or on their menstrual cycle. None of this will happen right away, but over time if we keep at it attitudes will shift in our favor.

I am well aware of how radical this sounds. But it is necessary. The only way to destigmatize the genitals is through frequent social nudity, and the only way social nudity works is when everyone is naked. If some are allowed to wear clothes, the naked ones will feel inferior. Perhaps over time, when society has overcome it’s fear of the human body could some pressure be released. Nudity has a lot of health benefits, but the main one is that those with unattractive figures are encouraged to get in shape and get healthier due to positive peer pressure. Obesity is a major problem in most developed countries and should be treated the same way we treat smoking: A personal choice that's unhealthy and not to be encouraged.

Step Two: Add another body.

With nudity seen as less of a taboo, it’s time to move on to the normalization of some sexual activity (in public no less!) Sex-positivity can be seen as the next stage of body positivity- whereas public nudity deals with you being able to accept your own body, this stage requires you being able to accept others’. Now is where we begin to question taboos. Certain types of activities we label “sexual” today need to lose this label. There’s a time and place for everything, and we aren’t expecting people to turn into animals or do each other on the sidewalk. But mild play and exploration, squeezing and canoodling, especially in natural recreational areas like parks and greens should become acceptable. The message needs to be pushed that you are every part of you, and every part is normal. It’s okay to touch yourself or others in public (if you get their permission of course!), but just like we don’t want to see you give slobbery kisses to your lover on the train, if you need to go past 2nd base please get a room. This is purely in the interest of hygiene. A cascading effect of loosening boundaries will happen when more people are seen having sex and enjoying themselves in public. It becomes normal and others want to do it because it looks fun. Eventually you will respond to someone playing with themselves the same way you would if you saw them eating a hamburger. Like any cascade, they are fragile and must be maintained by the fear of “missing out”. When most people are in the buff and you’re the only one wearing clothes, conversations will become a little awkward. Public support and admiration must be given to those who choose to go nude, and it cannot be of a primarily sexual nature. They are being “brave”, “bold”, and “making the ultimate fashion statement”. Nudity isn’t a cheap way to look at attractive women- not everyone who’s naked will be attractive or female. This comes with the territory. It’s about making everyone more comfortable and confident with their bodies.

Social media and advertising campaigns will play a large part in the push to make nudity normal. I suggest #WhyHideIt and #BornNatural as places to start. Even though these are good goals in and of themselves, for this book’s purposes simple nudism is not the endgame. I’m sure most of you didn’t come to read strategies on how to promote it.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:30:54 No.10

>> Strategies For Acceptance: Psychological.

Any society that doesn’t recognize the fact that 1 in 20 are attracted to people under the age of 18 is living a lie. The question then becomes, how will we conduct ourselves in exposing the truth? And what is the end goal? We must seek realistic, common-sense reforms. On the surface, our appeal isn’t radical at all: Just treat sex like we treat every other activity, and require parental consent for children to engage in it. If something happens or the child catches an STD, we can hold the parents (and the one who transmitted it) liable. Systems of support should be in place, and anyone close to the child should be able to file a complaint to have a relationship investigated. At the end of the day, what happens should be the child’s choice because it’s their body. We also must make clear from the beginning that we are not seeking the legalization of any activities which physically harm children. This precludes oral, anal or vaginal penetration of any kind. The only activities which should be made acceptable are sensual, exploratory and touch-based in nature. Youth erotica must remain illegal when not produced by either one of the people involved in a relationship and should never be released without the consent of both partners when they are above 18. If both partners are okay with sharing it after reaching suitable age there’s no reason not to permit it. If safety must be assured then we could make it so that only the government is allowed to distribute this kind of erotica and use whatever donations they receive to fund charities. Porn is different from sex- when something is online, it’s there forever.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We mustn’t shock and repel the public with the mental imagery of kind sex in the beginning of our campaign. Instead, wherever possible pedosexuality must be reduced to an abstract question and vague feelings of “love” “kindness” and “nurturing”. In the beginning, we can’t expect americans to think of being kind as a good thing, much less for them to understand, affirm or appreciate it. Indifference is still a step up from intolerance. Our objectives are threefold:

> Desensitization: Dull the public’s sense of panic and fear whenever the subject of children and sexuality comes up. The principle behind this is clear: Any behavior becomes more acceptable the more people talk about it or see their friends talking about it. This is accomplished by a large groundswell of open and furtive talk about pedosexuality in a neutral or positive way. Discussing the subject and rejecting the false consensus (all sex is rape) makes it appear that a large portion of society is willing to debate or even has these feelings themselves. A chain reaction occurs where more and more people come out. Bring up your sexual orientation as much as possible in a humorous manner to break the ice. A popular joke could be “I’m offensive and I find this pedosexual.” Discussion moves an idea from “unthinkable” to “controversial” in the Overton Window, and that’s one step towards “normal”.

Where you talk is important. Internet comments sections are helpful, but they aren’t places to have a true debate. Those are places to spread information, gather screenshots and make fun of the opposition. Better places to speak include local newspapers, magazines and television. While you won’t be able to openly support pedosexuality at first, you can support sex-positive and pro-nudity initiatives in your area. Or just go straight for the big guns and come out if you’re ballsy.

The main point is to talk about kindness until the issue becomes thoroughly exhausting. People should come to view being kind the same way they do liking a certain flavor of ice cream. The process of desensitization can be sped up by making comments which allude to the matter being settled when someone very emotive appears. “Dude, why do you care so much? It’s just sex”.

(In response to “children can’t consent”) “I’m so tired of this stupid myth still being spread around (link to a better source or explanation).”

“You’re behind the times. Nobody cares anymore.”

Never go alone during desensitization efforts. Always bring backup. There’s nothing worse than being the only person in a comments section battling against hordes of bigots. If you see someone trying to fight ignorance online, don’t just stand there, help them out!

Desensitization is important in real life too. You have to come out and be completely normal. If you live among straights in peace, while they may find you annoying they will eventually get used to you. Flooding culture in a wave of kind-positive advertising and media inevitably leads to changes in social values. This advertising has to be presented in the least offensive way possible (no jokes about sex!)

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:31:06 No.11

> Jamming: We want to shut down the thought process which leads to pedophobic remarks in the first place. Most of us know that people make those tough guy statements for a quick shot of self-righteousness or social approval. “Jamming” implies the addition of a second, mutually exclusive emotion: Guilt. Most people feel shame when they make a lame joke or say something deemed socially unacceptable. With enough jamming, the pedophobe’s mental state can be worn down to meager acceptance.

The easiest way to “jam” is to call out people who say prejudicial things. Tell them it’s not okay, make videos about it online. On youtube in particular, take the worst comments, do dramatic readings and laugh at them. When people see the ingroup rejecting their mean-spirited comments, most will stop saying them. Remember how calling things “gay” used to be cool? Let’s do that for us.

Jamming is even more effective when the bigot sees people like him disapproving of his statement. If our target audience is young teenage progressives, then pictures and videos must be made of hipsters ridiculing people making fun of kinds. If our target audience is parents, show parents AND children correcting them. We don’t need to prove that everyone is against the bigot. All we have to do is make the pedophobe believe that they are unpopular. Jamming works by defining the limits of acceptable speech and shifting them. By repeatedly labelling opposition “pedophobes” or “anti-sex”, a hostile environment is created for pedophobic speech.


Long term, we are safest if we sincerely “convert” those against us into true allies. We can spread stories of confessions, testimonials and other straights who “evolved” their views on pedosexuality. Even more effective would be ramping up the same strategy used in jamming: Whereas jamming shows people the bigot respects disapproving their behavior, conversion shows the pedophobe’s friends and role models embracing admitted kinds! Chatting them up at the bar, hanging out with them, making them “one of the crew”. The bigot doesn’t want to feel left out, so she alters her social views to fit in with the crowd. Conversion can consist of literal picture/label pairs. Kinds (explicitly labelled as such!) having fun and having a good time with the ‘boys. For example: “Derek Thomas. Parties ‘till 1 in the morning. Has a thing for cooking. Loves little girls”. If you want to get really edgy you could implore the viewer “why don’t you join in”! Towards the end of our programme, media efforts should shift from jamming to conversion to mop up remaining stragglers.


The ultimate reward for predjudice is a feeling of self-righteousness and acceptance from a bigot’s “crowd”. Ads that conflict with this self-image as a well-liked person lead to guilt- cancelling out this reward. For this reason, pedophobic bigots must be treated in the media as crude loudmouths and assholes who use all kinds of slurs long-gone out of style (“nigger”, “fag”, “kike” “lynching” etc). We can depict kinds experiencing terrible suffering as a direct result of his pedophobia- the kind most reasonable people would be ashamed to cause. Link pedo-shaming to all kinds of disliked attributes. Show pedophobes being hated, shunned and criticized. Every time the bigot sees this type of ad or reads this type of story, he’s unlearning a bit of the hatred taught to him by parents and society.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:32:04 No.12>>13

>>Strategies For Acceptance: Social

The main difference between us and gays is that gay behavior was mostly legal when they started. There’s no point in trying to change the law when society hasn’t changed with you. We must first change society, then we will be able to change the law. In that regard, our fight is much more like the fight for marijuana legalization than gay marriage.

There are five sub-strategies which can be used when it comes to social acceptance.


> Portray “kinds” as victims, not as aggressive challengers.

>Give potential protectors (“allies”) a just cause.

>Make “kinds” look good.

>Make dissenters look bad.


It's a lot harder to hate what you know personally. When pedosexuality is a shadowy force, any amount of ridiculous agitprop can be spread to demonize you. But when someone you love (especially your own child) reveals their deepest secret to you, minds and hearts are changed. Being open is essential to the rest of our strategies. It empowers you since nobody else can “out” you. You did it on your terms. You need to come out and encourage others to do so, especially if you haven't "offended" yet. Start saving money for a "coming out fund" just in case you get fired. Organize a massive "coming out day" where large groups of kinds agree to make coming-out videos and release them on youtube at the same time. There is strength in numbers. It’s better to not discuss your views on sex in a coming out video, but if you must be open and frank about them. Hiding only helps further oppression. If even to your family and friends, honesty matters!

>Portray kinds as victims:

Kinds must be portrayed as victims of nature, not people who willingly choose their attraction. Who would actually choose to be part of the world’s most hated group anyway? As far as you know, you were born kind and cannot change it. Efforts at “therapy” must be considered harmful and damaging to your identity. Frequently compare it to bleaching blacks or reformation camps. Currently the social orthodoxy is “get them the help they need before they hurt anyone”. You must change this to “thinking they need help is offensive because they aren’t hurting anyone.” By appearing as victims, the majority is instinctively inclined to protect and defend.

> Give allies just cause.

Recognize that you aren’t getting anywhere without allies. Parents, Straight Adults and even children themselves need to speak out in support before more people decide to join the fight. You need a “just cause”, and in your case plain legal equality leaves too much to be desired since children can never have all the legal rights of an adult. A just cause answers the question “I’m not one of you, so why should I care?” Our causes are sex positivity, anti-ageism, bodily autonomy and the right to privacy. The government shouldn’t have the authority to tell people what they can and can’t do inside the bedroom or dictate how parents must raise their children. If no physical or emotional harm is being done, there is no excuse to ban an activity. You also have an excellent just cause in religious liberty; childhood innocence and the harmfulness of sex are religious beliefs you shouldn’t be forced to believe. Morality should never be backed by legislation.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:32:14 No.13

> Make kinds look good.

In order to make kinds look good you must portray yourselves as normal people. Get rid of the creepy pedo mustaches, go clean-shaven and clean cut. In the media, show a diversity of people. Men, women, teenagers, all races and all creeds! Break the stereotype of “ a creepy man inside the van.”

We know this trick is old as dirt, but kinds must also be portrayed as pillars of society. Using historical figures is excellent because they are no longer living and can’t sue. Anyone who’s even believed to have had the slightest attraction to or relationship with someone under 18 will be considered a pedosexual for our purposes. Elvis, anyone? We understand that that’s not the medical definition, but confusing the social and medical definition is actually helpful in this case.

> Make pedophobes look bad.

At a later stage of the media campaign for kind rights-long after other ads have become commonplace-it’ll be time to get tough with remaining pedo-bashers. To be blunt, they must be vilified and publicly shamed. (This is important because at that point, the opposition will have massively ramped up it’s disinformation campaign.) Our goal here is twofold. First, we seek to replace the mainstream’s self-righteous pride about its pedophobia with shame and guilt. Second, we intend to make the anti-sex bigots look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types.

The public should be shown images of ranting pedophobes whose secondary traits and beliefs disgust middle America. These images might include: the Ku Klux Klan demanding that kinds be burned alive or castrated; bigoted southern ministers drooling with hysterical hatred to a degree that looks both comical and deranged; menacing punks, thugs, and convicts speaking coolly about the “pedos” they have killed or would like to kill; a tour of Nazi concentration camps where kinds were tortured and gassed. A campaign to vilify the victimizers is going to enrage our most fervid enemies, of course. But what else can we say? The shoe fits, and we should make them try it on for size, with all of America watching. This is going to be harder than you think, but by using the psychological tactics above it won’t be impossible. Loudly and constantly compare pedophobic bigots to segregationists, WBC klansmen, hypocrites and gay-bashers. Make the contrast clear: Either you’re for social tolerance, or you’re for gruesome violence. Using their own words against them where they threaten mass genocide (and compiling these comments into anti-bullying videos) makes revenge even sweeter.

Let's be real: those who aren't with us in this effort, either because they have better ways of wasting their time, or because they think we're politically incorrect, are decidedly against us, against unification, and against the best interests of children and the community as a whole.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:33:09 No.14

>>Strategies For Acceptance: Economic

Money speaks. The Montgomery bus boycott. Corporate sponsorship of anti-discrimination bills. Rainbow flags on logos. Successful movements know how to bend the almighty dollar to their will. At first, you may lose your job for coming out. Lawsuits must be fought to prosecute companies which fire kinds for discrimination based on sexual orientation. Such cases should be fought in liberal big cities on the east and west coast (Boston, San Francisco, New York etc)

Organize mass twitter, email and phone campaigns against businesses that discriminate and threaten to boycott. If all else fails, their public reputation must be dragged through the mud during the scuffle.

To press for equality, we can use the tool of small-holder resolutions in businesses. Usually any group of shareholders owning at least $2000 in stock can put forth a company resolution. Although they almost never win at vote, they only need 3% support to be reintroduced the next year. You can see where we’re going with this. We can push for regulations including pedosexuality as a sexual orientation which cannot be discriminated against to raise awareness.

Any serious advertising and media campaign needs money. Fundraising through kickstarter, patreon and similar crowdfunding websites is a non-starter, so we need an alternative plan which relies on bitcoin and anonymous money orders. It should be stressed that nobody needs to know you ever donated, and that the money will decide whether or not you ascend to acceptance or remain a hated minority forever. The stakes are higher than ever. Money can also go towards a legal fund to defend and support workers fired from their job.

>>Strategies For Acceptance: Education

“Teaching Tolerance” and getting in schools is absolutely essential to deprogramming the next generation. Obviously this can’t happen until late in the game, but a good way to get a foot in the door is creating support groups for minor-attracted teens and their allies. We can make resources available to educators and parents who want to raise children in a less hateful manner. An effective tactic may be convincing children themselves to bring up the topic at home and in classroom discussions. Direct marketing to teachers and principals means distributing resources which explain child sexuality, implore them to act responsibly, “fight discrimination” and self-evaluate. Education means using all our media channels to debunk myths about kind people and defend them. GLSEN has numerous resources you can check out for inspiration.

>>Strategies For Acceptance: Legal and Political

Make “the kind vote” a real thing. Publicly name and shame politicians who have spoken against children’s rights and tell followers not to vote for them. We should use political stunts to the fullest extent of our ability. Running symbolic openly kind candidates for high office (mayor, governor, senator etc) will get tons of media attention, which gives us an opening to run sympathetic ads. This candidate should participate in all the debates, demand equal time on air to discuss the issues and fair treatment all around. It’s very important not to ask people to vote yes or no on the kind question at this stage as it will only lead to huge and visible defeats. Since our candidate would almost certainly lose in a real race, they should pull out just before the election and support a more viable choice, preferably a virulent pedophobe for laughs.

Call out police brutality and be honest with your demands. Yell at discrimination against *kind people*, not “sexual orientation”. You must be clear that hating p*dos in particular is no longer okay. Remember, the courts are your best friend when it comes to equality. The legislatures rarely will take a stand for minorities.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:33:39 No.15

>>Strategies For Acceptance: Linguistic

He who controls language controls the debate. Why do you think transpeople insist you use their preferred pronouns? It’s not just semantics, the words you use are *vitally* important and the pedophobe knows this, which is why she often screams about “rape”, “predators” “abuse”, “molestation” and “exploitation” in situations which obviously don’t warrant such terms. Even sneakier is the use of the words “victim” and “survivor”, which imply that most children die from sex.

Call out these verbally violent attacks and shut them down before they get off the ground. They are entirely baseless and offensive- plus they cross the line into hate speech done with intent to defame and attack a minority. Especially when the term “predator” is used, you can joke that kinds want to eat children for dinner and gobble them up. Getting everyone laughing at how ridiculous these people sound will help immeasurably. The only way to do that is through satirical video.

Luckily, we have some “power words” we can use for ourselves.

“Kind” is the most important one, because it has positive connotations while “pedoph***” does not. This is the main reason why gays pushed so hard for people to start using “gay” instead of homosexual, and we need to push even harder. P*do or any of it’s variations must be treated as a slur.

“Pedosexual” is the second most important powerword. Once people get over it’s initial novelty it will cement the fact that pedosexuality is an inborn orientation and cannot change.

“Childhood sexual freedom” is an alternative way of framing the debate, and one that will lead to more success. Instead of looking it at from the perspective of the adult, view things from a child’s perspective. You can then attack pedophobic logic as “ageist” and make fun of bigots for claiming children are too stupid to understand their own bodies. The genius of this approach is that it turns pedophobia into an attack on children’s intelligence, not kinds- which is closer to the word’s original meaning anyway. “Scared of what children are capable of, are you?” “You aren’t the one who gets to make that choice. It’s not your body..”

“Child Victimizer” is the powerword you should use against most of the gauntlet pedophobes throw at kinds on a daily basis. The catch is that *pedophobes* are child victimizers. CVs don’t care about children, only using them as political tools to fuel their self-righteous moral outrage. They take “think of the children” too far and start thinking *for* them while denying their voices.

“Sex Oppressor” can be used in a joking manner to call out those who sincerely believe in juvenile panic switch theory.

“Adult-child sex” must be used in place of the inappropriate term “sex abuse” because it devalues the term. Child rape should be used to denote abusive instances of ACS.

Avoid calling them victims or survivors. Use neutral terminology such as “adults” or “children”.

When it comes to rights, “children’s rights” sounds a bit dishonest (although it’s true), so “kind rights”, “body equality”, “bodily autonomy” “sex freedom/liberation” or even plein ol’ “sex-postivity” should be used instead. Turn the tables and use emotional language to label your enemies. Words like “intolerant”, “childish”, “ageist”, “backwards” , “bigoted” , “prejudiced” , “ignorant” , “hateful”, “hypocritical”, “oppressive”, “maniacal”, “stone age” and similar paint a vivid mental picture. Present your opinion as “common-sense”, “modern”, “21st-century”, “progressive”,”love-affirming” “compassionate”, “provocative”, “liberating” and the like.

Language frames a debate and puts it in a human context. Master it or it will master you.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:34:08 No.16

>>Strategies For Acceptance: Media and Advertising

Fair media portrayals and good advertising go hand in hand. Piece by piece, we need to get “in”. A media watchdog and anti-defamation organization must be created to guard against slander and educate journalists about the latest findings. Problem is, almost no channel in America would accept openly pro-kind advertising. One way to break the ice would be advertising in print media first, then working our way up to highway billboards. Each message needs to be agreeable and tap into good emotions. Forget about trying to convince pedophobes in the beginning. Messages like-




“Other countries tell you who to be. In America, we have the freedom to be ourselves- and to be the best”. Get the ball rolling. These PSAs get people used to seeing our branding and build working relationships with ad distributors. Online advertising will probably be easier to buy.

In small letters at the bottom, the message should be signed “courtesy of whatever organization you’re advertising for, but always explicitly containing the word “kind” or “pedosexual”.

The next stage is making appearances on television and radio. Public access is a good place to begin, so are daytime talk shows. We must continue to push for positive representation in the media. The mock political candidate idea discussed earlier is a great way to make a splash.

>Stage 2

Immediately after the political ads, we need to ask the networks to accept kind sponsorship of certain tv shows. Timing is everything and we must strike while the iron is hot. At this point the ads are still subdued and do not explicitly promote, mention or defend pedosexuality. Instead they contain bland messages about “family”, “community” “bullying” or even littering. The content of the ads is completely irrelevant as long as they contain a feel-good message and explicitly say “this message brought to you by the national kind task force” or whatever children’s rights organization you’re working with. The medium (television) is the message. The entire point of these ads is to get the public used to seeing our sponsorship. Another positive side effect is that “kind” enters the public lexicon as a synonym for pedosexual.

> Stage 3- Roll out the big guns.

Since the election we’ve steadily built working relationships with networks and carved out a slice of the advertising pie. What now? Time to bring our ads out of the closet. Because we’ve become a steady ad partner we can push the envelope. Now’s the moment to begin publicly addressing misconceptions about kinds and advocating for law reform. Following are a few example ads designed to target specific misgivings:

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:35:26 No.17

>Format A- Desexualization: The Sweet Surprise.

This one is the most direct. We open with a normal-looking person sitting on the couch, maybe reading a newspaper. Suddenly s/he exclaims “I’m kind!” I loooove little children..” As the camera zooms in, the mood gets creepy for a minute, then she continues “I love to read with them, play games with them, go hiking and bike riding. If I love someone, I don’t care how old they get. Just spending time with them is special”. The screen cuts to black and the voiceover says “Being kind isn’t just about sex. Get educated at whateverwebsite.com”. This ad and ads like it are meant to dispel the myth that pedosexuals only want to have sex with children and not develop meaningful relationships with them. The other myth is that kinds will abandon children once they grow older.

>Format AA: For coming out: “Come out and Play”.

A subset of this is a black and white public service announcement encouraging kinds to come out, showcasing the diversity in our community. “I came out” they all say, one after the other, one at a time. “Let’s play”. The commercial ends on a high note with “this message courtesy of the [organization]. If you need help, visit us online at wwww.

>Format B - for Familiarization: The Testimonial.

To make kinds seem less mysterious, present a series of short spots featuring the boy-or girl-next-door, fresh and appealing, or warm and lovable grandma grandpa types. Seated in homey surroundings, they respond to an off camera interviewer with assurance, good nature, and charm. Their comments bring out three social facts: There is someone special in their life, someone they’ve cared about for a really long time (to stress stability and commitment);

Their families are very important to them, and are supportive (to stress that kinds are not "anti-family," and that families need not be anti-kind.)

They will always love their friend no matter how old they get (to stress that age really doesn’t matter) As far as they can remember they have always been kind, and were probably born kind; they certainly never decided on a preference one way or the other (stressing that kinds are doing what is natural for them, and are not being willfully contrary). The subjects should be interviewed alone, not with their lovers or children, for to include others in the picture would unwisely raise disturbing questions about the complexities of pedosexual social relations which these commercials could not explain. Better to take things one step at a time.

> Format C - For Positive Associations: The Celebrity Spot.

While it might be useful to present celebrity endorsements by currently popular kind figures and straight sympathizers, the political climate of America would make such brash endorsements unlikely in the near future. So early celebrity spots will instead identify historical kind or minor-attracted personalities who are illustrious and dignified…and dead. The ads could be sardonic and indirect. For example, over regal music and a portrait or two, a narrator might simply announce the names of famous dead celebrities: Michelangelo (an art class), Tchaicovsky (a music class), Lewis Carroll (a drama class), etc.

> Format D - For Identification with Victims: The Old Switcheroo.

The mainstream will identify better with the plight of kinds if straights can, once in a while, walk a mile in your shoes. A humorous television or radio ad to help them do this might involve a brief animated or dramatized scenario, as follows.

The camera approaches the mighty oak door of the boss's office, which swings open, and the camera (which represents you the viewer) enters the room. Behind the oversized desk sits a fat and scowling old curmudgeon chomping on a cigar. He looks up at the camera (i.e. at the viewer) and snarls, " So it's you, Johnson. Well you're fired!" The voice of a younger man is heard to reply with astonishment, "But–but–Mr. Thomburg, I've been with your company for ten years. I thought you liked my work." The boss responds, with a tone of disgust, "Yes, yes, Johnson your work is quite adequate. But I've heard rumors that you've been seen around town with some kind of “girlfriend”. A girlfriend! Frankly I'm shocked. We're not about to start hiring any teliosexuals in this company. Now get out." The younger man speaks once more: "But boss, that's just not fair! What if it were you?" The boss glowers back as the camera pulls quickly out of the room and the big door slams shut. Printed on the door: "A message from the (insert organization here)"

One can easily imagine similar episodes involving housing or other discrimination.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:35:32 No.18

> Format F:- For Vilification of Victimizers: Damn the Torpedoes.

We have already indicated some of the images which might be damaging to the pedophobic vendetta: ranting and hateful religious extremists, hypocritical wealthy gays, neo-Nazis, and Ku Klux Klansmen made to look evil and ridiculous (hardly a difficult task).

These images should be combined with those of their kind victims by a method propagandists call the "bracket technique." For example, for a few seconds an unctuous beady-eyed Southern preacher is seen pounding the pulpit in rage about "those sick, abominable creatures." While his tirade continues over the soundtrack, the picture switches to pathetic photos of kinds who look decent, harmless, and likable; and then we cut back to the poisonous face of the preacher, and so forth.

For the hypocritical wealthy gay couple, we could show two men sitting on a couch speaking about how they’ve just gotten married and are so happy that they can finally express their love, then when the narrator asks “what about the kinds”? Their face turns to a scowl. “Kinds? Well I would happily lock every last one of ‘em in jail in throw away the key.” “They don’t deserve all of *this*..” as the camera pans around a well-furnished home. Returning to his twisted face while the other partner nods in disapproval, “I don’t want those filthy pedos destroying MY neighborhood”. An even better idea would be showing a smug and smooth-talking psychologist condescendingly cooing “you’ve been brainwashed by your abuser” to an innocent young girl.. “Pedophiles are sick and disgusting creatures”. Cut to a picture of a nice man or woman giving a child a gift and the child’s face lights up with that Christmas-morning smile. “They prey on our most weak and vulnerable” the psychologist spits out, with venomous hatred. All the while, we watch clips of an adult and a child spending quality time together at the park, cooking etc. Later we see the adult ripped away from the child by police and the child falling apart with the camera zooming out. The contrast speaks for itself. The effect is devastating.

> Format G: For soliciting funds: SOS

Alongside or during these other persuasive advertisements, we would have to solicit donations so that the campaign might continue. Direct appeals from celebrities (preferable living ones, thank you) might be useful here. All appeals must stress that money can be given anonymously (e.g. via money orders and bitcoin) and that all donations are confidential. "We can't help unless you help," and all that. Unifying the community is vital in this effort.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:37:08 No.19

>>Strategies For Acceptance: Dealing With Opposition

The two groups we need to worry most about are the LGBT community and the religious right. The strategy to deal with each is the same: Internal co-option and blurring the lines.

The first may sound strange, but don't expect much initial sympathy from LGBTs and SJWs. If you were put in their shoes and constantly had to defend against being "pedo-sympathisers" you would understand. As a self-defense mechanism, most gay people have a kneejerk negative reaction against being compared to or lumped in with kinds. While we understand their misgivings, they’re still no excuse for bigotry. Here's how we change this:

Constantly remind them that, until the early 1980s the pedo acceptance and LGBT movements were one and the same. Pedo supporters were only thrown under the bus because of politics, not morals. The early LGBTs believed they had a better chance at social acceptance if they renounced pedophilia, and only a few years ago they were debating dropping the "T" from the lgbt acronym (doing the same thing they did with children’s rights advocates to transsexuals). Until Kaitlyn Jenner came along, that is. Isolate Kind-hating gays by portraying them as wealthy, white hypocritical bigots who only care about equality for themselves and nobody else.

Bring up the fact that some of their most revered gay heroes, (such as Alfred Kinsey) also did lesser-known studies on adult-child sexual relationships and found them not to be harmful in most cases. Far more studies are available to support our position.

Accuse them of being "fair-weather allies". They aren't willing to fight for what's right until it's popular. Suggest that they only started supporting gay marriage after Obama gave it the a-ok, while many others have been fighting since being gay was actually a crime.

Insist that you can't call yourself a progressive without supporting a family's right to choose. It’s just good politics. The idea that sex is inherently sinful and harmful, and thus something children need to be "protected" from is a purely Judeo-Christian concept. Not all people and cultures agree with it. In a diverse, multicultural society where people of many faiths and ethnicities congregate, we shouldn't make laws that hurt minorities based purely on religious thinking. If protecting children is the goal then punishing any potential harm that results is the ideal. If they disagree with this, ask why they don't support banning cars since cars kill people too. Internal comparisons. Compare those who don't support Kind Acceptance to TERFs- Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists, a highly disliked (in social justice circles) group of women who don't believe transpeople are the sex they claim to be.

Burn them on the hypocrisy of supporting a position initially promoted by the now-discredited National Association for Reparative Therapy of Homosexuals. Stress that while the 1980s were a step back for equality, the long arc of history bends towards more freedom and rights for children. If you must, use the oft-maligned "wrong side of history" card, suggesting these people will be looked at no better than segregationists today. If all else fails, laugh at them for being closeted pedos themselves.

> Winning The Right

Claim that sex builds stronger, happier families. Create pedo-friendly denominations/support groups within the church, and reiterate that what's currently considered pedosexuality was perfectly normal in Jesus' day, or even 100 years ago. Mary was very likely under 15 when she conceived Christ. The traditional argument holds merit, since many sects were in favor a short time ago too.

Here again, stress that it's not just about sex- but mentoring and companionship. Sex is the least important part in most relationships. It's also about personal liberty- limiting the reach of government inside the bedroom. There isn't much in this section because I don't think the right will ever fully be won over, only steamrolled like they usually are on other social issues. (Interestingly enough, the right always wins when it comes to economics)

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:38:17 No.20

> Get the kids involved

Here's a secret: All social movements of the past were won or lost on the backs of the children. We see this in the noted "generation gap" in support of gender and gay issues along with the historic one on black liberation. Children are quite literally the future, and this is no more important than in the fight for a family's right to choose.

The goal isn't to get today's parents to agree, but their children and childrens' children. If only minor-attracted persons speak up then it looks like little more than a dodgy, sick ploy. But if children raise their voices many adults will be forced to reconsider, especially if it's their own children. Past battles were fought on television, but this one will play out on the internet since that's where most of the action is. You can get more children on your side if you present the issue in a way most appealing to them: sexual freedom for *them*.

First, speaking out: Make youtube videos and articles encouraging those adults who had a beneficial sexual experience as a child to come forward and explain how it has not hurt, and even improved them. Present your arguments for why kinds should be more accepted, then ask children to make video responses with their opinions. Explain what pedosexuality actually is, (an immutable sexual orientation) and what it isn't- that it's not like TV and Movies would have you believe. It would be best to leave the sex question out of these videos, and tackle why it's not harmful in separate ones so viewers aren't alienated. "Most people attracted to children don't have sex with them, but what about those who do?” would be a good title for the video follow-up. No disclaimers about “but I’m not saying it’s okay”.. just go straight for it.

Encourage kind teens to come out to their friends and family. This is the single most important thing you can do. Adults coming out doesn't help as much unless they're famous, but children coming out to their parents helps in ways untold.

On youtube, create and share videos of "verbal smackdowns", where antis' arguments get refuted with prejudice. This is similar to what we call "BTFOS".

Make a huge deal about bullying of minor-attracted-teens in school to gain sympathy and support. Even if there are relatively few cases, spread them far and wide to raise consciousness of the issue. Create support groups, or fight to be included in existing ones.

Invest in creating quality social media images and facebook pages that people can easily share. Use peer pressure to your benefit. You don't need to strictly compare pedophobia to racism and sexism, but mention all three together in the same sentence often and it will stick in the public subconscious that pedophobes are equivalent to rascists and should be avoided. Stay away from direct comparisons in the beginning or everyone will laugh at you. The threat of losing friends and social standing is very real.

These tactics work extremely well and extremely fast. Use them.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:39:10 No.21

>>Strategies For Acceptance: Miscellaneous

> Shift the debate. You must coach yourselves and your arguments in the language of love. Gay rights activists tried for years to insist there was a constitutional right to marriage and got nowhere until they decided to refocus their campaign around "Shared American Values" like love and tolerance etc. Why do you think there's so much branding and hashtags such as "love is love" and "love always wins"? Try using a slogan such as "love without limits" “love is timeless” or #Daretolove. Something inoffensive and easily repeatable.

> Build a loving and supportive community so that content-creators who make tolerance-promoting media are encouraged.

> Whenever you use the term “pedophile” or “pedo” in public writings/comments, censor it (pedop****, p*do) so it’s recognized as a sexual slur. This is important because alternative terminology won’t take off unless old terms are considered dated and offensive.

> Create KIDD: Kind International Donor’s Directory- a charitable organization which distributes small scholarships to children and minor-attracted teens.

> Stop focusing on yourselves and focus on the children. Yes, although society would have you believe otherwise, stress that opposition "demeans children" and "deprives them of their humanity". Use the soaring speech and glittering generalities perfected by Justice Anthony Kennedy. The demonization of a natural part of the human experience leaves childrens' pursuit of love and happiness incomplete. If you do want to talk about your feelings, explain how it's never merely sexual attraction, but nurturing also. You love them and want the best for them, just like their parents. Insist that reducing your feelings to mere sex is insulting and degrading. You must prove that your interest in children is legitimate and goes beyond simple physical attraction. We know it's true, but the world doesn't and that's a major stumbling block.

> The goal is someone who takes childrens' rights seriously, existing as a kid's defender and "inside man" in the adult world. Prove it by (publicly) taking a wide interest in other child freedom issues such as divorce, homelessness and schooling. Actual child abuse, sex trafficking and mistreatment should be called out. Prove you are upstanding citizens with hopes and dreams, and the rest will fall into place. Eventually the internal contradictions will overwhelm the antis.

"I thought kinds were only interested in sex?” to

"But everything else they do seems to show they have the safety and welfare of children in mind!" to "Maybe they have a point- maybe sex isn't inherently evil or dangerous to a child's mental wellbeing, and can in fact be beneficial!".

If you are only interested in sex, then you are nothing more than a child rapist and chauvinist. Your kind is not welcome, you do not stand with us and you will be cast out as anyone else would who pretends to like other people for sex.

> Expounding on that last point, why not take up the cause of giving kids a right to vote? My favorite proposal is giving children incremental voting power at age 8. An 8 year old’s vote will be worth 1/10 of an adult vote, increasing by a tenth each year until it’s worth the same as a full vote at age 18.


It’s unlikely to succeed, but it makes the claim that you are a radical children’s rights movement more plausible.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:40:00 No.22

> Use and abuse the legal process to it’s fullest extent. Get lawyers to work pro bono.

> Create an association of kind journalists to push for fair and balanced reporting.

> Fundraising drive for children’s hospital? Sell some sort of cheap badge or product through a kind organization and offer the money?

> Create groups of people to go out and do totally normal, regular things. Like a “pedo movie night” where a group of you, in plain clothes at a certain time head to the movies. Maybe you could all wear certain armbands as a signal. If you get kicked out make a big deal about discrimination. While there, don’t do any activism. You’re just a group of normal citizens out to watch a movie.

> Start offering kind awards to citizens, media and journalists for fair-minded reporting. “Butterfly Awards” can be given for “Childhood Excellence”- in other words, children who did something awesomely brave or incredible. > Start with one organization- the Kind People’s Task Force, and split into smaller groups focusing on specific issues like police brutality, media, education…

> Own the Middle Ground: A gracious offer of middle ground is presented- and that's giving families the individual freedom to choose when their children are ready. This is akin to the "civil union" compromise that the right unwisely turned down in their "don't give 'em an inch" strategy. If even this is rejected, then we won't forget- and when opinion finally turns in our favor we will push for full equality, which means rolling back the age of majority to the historical level.

> Saying that consent is a matter for families to decide together won't help much if we still retain our puritan morals and culture. In later stages, after pedosexuality has been accepted by most of the population the view of intimacy within households must be changed too- from something to be kept behind closed doors to a wholesome form of family fun and emotional bonding. Guidebooks written for all ages should be published on the subject. > Leverage all of your identities: If you are are primarily attracted to boys and a man you are technically gay. Use this fact to your advantage by claiming both homo and pedophobia

> Create alliances with parents to dispel the myth that they’re universally anti-kind. Portray pedophobic parents as jealous, repressive, behind-the-times and overprotective mother hens who “bubblewrap babies”. Minorities always need someone else in the ingroup to support them for their rights to advance. Blacks needed whites to come to their aid, Gays needed a gay-straight alliance and women needed men to support female suffrage. In the same way, you need a group of "sex-positive parents" to agree with your message. It doesn't matter how many people are in the group, just throw the name around a lot, have a good website and write plenty of papers.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:40:51 No.23>>24

> Write to politicians and those in power with compassionate appeals.

> Use 4th generation warfare to discredit ideological opponents: “The next wars won’t be fought with bullets and guns, they’ll be fought with ideas and puns”. In humanspeak, ridicule and repeat pedophobic arguments so much and so often (even in completely irrelevant situations) until they turn into memes. If you need a case study in what this can do to a movement, look at how the “actually it’s about ethics in games journalism” meme absolutely destroyed gamergate’s credibility, and research examples of it in history and practice. Weaponized memes focusing around “children can’t consent” and “lol two consenting adults” can use associative conditioning to discredit the statements. If you take a humorous gif from a movie, say of a child doing something totally cute or harmless and stitch it together with a hysterical adult running over and saying “CHILDREN CAN’T CONSENT” the humor of the situation will attach itself to the picture label, and the next time someone reads it they will subconsciously laugh.

> Write about your experiences online. Make it personal. You can style your journals any way you wish, but formatting them as letters to kind teens or open letters to society helps the most. > Promote panels and roundtable discussions about pedosexuality. The more open debate, the more pedophobes look like asses and hang themselves. Give them all the rope they can handle. Video hangouts could work. > Call out prejudicial people who judge kinds and others who living alternative lifestyles- tell them not to judge.

> Invest personnel heavily in Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Use internet personalities to amass support and influence, (a kind analogue for TheAmazingAtheist and MundaneMatt). Be aggressive in the comment sections, create viral online content and memes. Hijack hashtags.

> Write letters to the editors of local newspapers. If you have a national media station, organize a mass-mailing campaign for better coverage.

> Don’t be afraid to be disruptive: Stand up and be heard, no matter what. You need a hard edge. “Making a scene” is the only way people will pay attention to you in the beginning. Refuse to be overly rational and use your anger for good. Flash mobs, social experiments and other “surprise” protests can be helpful for maximum publicity.

The early sexual liberation movement used these tactics to critical effect; placing agitators in the crowd at medical and church meetings:

[Quote] Led by radicals like Frank Kameny, same-gender sex activists attacked many psychiatrists publicly, as Newsweek describes, “But even more than the government, it is the psychiatrists who have experienced the full rage of the homosexual activists. Over the past two years, gay-lib organizations have repeatedly disrupted medical meetings, and three months ago—in the movements most aggressive demonstration so far—a group of 30 militants broke into a meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Washington, where they turned the staid proceedings into near chaos for twenty minutes. ‘We are here to denounce your authority to call us sick or mentally disordered,’ shouted the group’s leader, Dr. Franklin Kameny, while the 2,000 shocked psychiatrists looked on in disbelief. ‘For us, as homosexuals, your profession is the enemy incarnate. We demand that psychiatrists treat us as human beings, not as patients to be cured!’” (Newsweek, 8-23-71, p.47) [/Quote]

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:41:53 No.24

> In accordance with the previous point: Strategic pressure must be applied to medical professionals and practitioners. They need to realize the harm they are causing children by filling their heads with lies. The appeal has to be direct and spur them to self-reflection/guilt. Remind them that their so-called “treatment” and “therapy” violates the do-no-harm principle while lining their own pockets. Dig for instances of malpractice and use them to smear the profession as quack science.

> Don’t hide your opinion behind needless disclaimers and trigger warnings. You think adult-child sex is okay? Just come out and say it. When you try to hide your opinion it only seems dishonest and turns people away. > On reddit, (and everywhere else for that matter), make multiple accounts and change them out every few weeks for safety. Be a normal, active user! Post in multiple places, don’t just be a one-trick-pony who only talks about kind activism.

> Play both sides in internet comments sections. If you are the reasonable kind in one place, be the uber-hateful bigot elsewhere, one who spews nonsense and repeatedly ignores arguments to say that all pedos should be lynched. > Repeatedly claim that the majority of adults have at least some level of pedosexual tendencies (any attraction to someone “significantly” younger than themselves) and that the distinction between the emotional, physical and sexual is completely false. "Love is love, it only comes in different forms, none of which are evil for love cannot be evil.” Most of the most feverish resisters fear their own sexuality and are closeted self-hating pedophiles. Call them out for being what they detest the most.

  • Of course, “significant” can change depending on the situation.

> Restate the true meaning of sexual abuse. Everyone is against it, including us- and sexual abuse is any activity that physically or emotionally damages a person or was obtained under false pretenses. > Cultivate an air of inevitability around your ultimate victory by referring to past civil rights struggles when you speak.

> Respect the right to disagree, at first- for your own good. "I believe that sex isn't inherently wrong and causes no damage to children. You don't. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it isn't supported by the facts. This proves that you are a reasonable person in the public eye, while the angry person arguing against you is the deranged bigot.

> Be proud and militant. Blatantly tell pedophobes that you don’t care what they think, you’re proud of who you are and that they can never take that away.

> Create an easily-accessible online information portal. One of the biggest issues during debate is that it takes a while to find sources and backup for your arguments, even though they're out there. This website should be separated into sections depending on what you are looking for- personal testimony, scientific studies, blogposts, news articles and even infographics or videos. A wiki would be best for this although it would need to be under constant supervision.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:43:29 No.26

To recap: Use marketing strategies- Attractive packaging, celebrity endorsements, and promises of a better life. First, attractive packaging: The innocence of the rainbow symbol for gay pride was a stroke of sheer marketing brilliance. Who hates rainbows and cute things? We need to create our own unique symbol while retaining a mental association to the old. A rainbow-colored spiral heart design would do the trick: It's distinct enough to represent kind acceptance, while keeping a mental connection to the previously sucessful gay rights movement. If a rainbow heart is too gaudy or obvious, then a simple monarch butterfly could work. It's something harmless and universally thought of as beautiful.

Attractive packaging doesn't just refer to the symbols maps use, it refers to the people themselves: Get a clean cut, shave off the pedo mustache (and all facial hair for that matter) and put on a suit when appearing in videos. If you're a woman, then you don't really have to do anything but look motherly. Older men and women are also nonthreatening. Whatever you do, get away from the mental "image" of pedophiles as dirty, bearded men who eagerly lurk in the shadows.

If you're appearing in videos where you sit at a table, you should surround yourself with subconsciously desirable and nonthreatening things like chocolate chip cookies, milk, candy, racecars or fruit. If you want to appear studious and knowledgeable, then a stack of books and calculators can help. Food (particularly fruit) should be the most effective as it's a basic human need we all share. This is product placement, except you and your message are the product: Being surrounded by agreeable objects humanizes you and places your message into an acceptable context.

▶Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:47:25 No.28

>> Rules For Radicals

> Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have. Use this to your benefit by stating the 1 in 20 statistic. (About 15 million people in America alone)! “We are everywhere. We are your teachers, your bankers, waitresses and waiters. No matter where you go, some of us will always be there to help.” Surprise america with our numbers, don't shock them into thinking WERE EVERYWHERE > “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone.

> “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.

> “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules. The laws against discrimination based on sexual orientation are a godsend in this regard. > “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. The more emotional a pedophobe gets or the more they seem to care about the topic, the better. Push the bigot to their breaking point and keep going. > “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.

> “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Don’t become old news.

> “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new. > “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.

> "The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition." It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign. Never take “no” for an answer, whether you’re pushing for anti-discrimination measures or safer spaces online.

> “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog. This even applies to hated minorities. What you need to remember is that the people who support you are usually quiet, and let haters overpower them until the time is right for them to reveal their support. Online activism is good, but it’s not enough. You have to be in the streets and videotape everything. > “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem.

> “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. The most vocal pedophobes need to be named, shamed and held up as examples of what not to do for the damage they cause others. We have laid out a brilliant plan to transform the lives of millions who live in secret every day. A roadmap to creating a better future for America’s children and those who love them. But until you take a stand, that’s all this will be – a plan. In all candor, we’re convinced that the whole of our scheme will work as intended because it’s worked time and time again. You’ve seen the results thunder down from the Supreme Court. It is up to *you*, fearless reader, to act.

>> Important Reading:

https://www.ipce.info/ipceweb/Library/califa_aoc_frame.htm The great panic of ‘77








Pedophila faqs: http://i.imgur.com/p9Muuhr.jpg



LGB organizations to use for inspiration:


▶Afterword Anonymous 08/03/15 (Mon) 06:50:23 No.29

Mainstreaming Implausible, Formerly Novel Ideas

Source: http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2014/06/13269/

The notion that there is something unconstitutional, if not anti-human, about rejecting genderless marriage has seized the imagination of those who hold power. Let’s be clear: the idea of same-sex marriage did not win at the ballot box in November 2012, or at the US Supreme Court last June, or among certain jurists and legislators since then. The marketing strategy developed by leftist social psychologists did, and it continues to do so.

Let’s also be clear: The American people have not fallen in love with the notion of same-sex marriage—not by a long shot. So how did the radical left gain the upper hand in the same-sex marriage debate? A technique identified by Cass Sunstein and Timur Kuran explains the simple, effective process: Availability Cascades.

An AVAILABILITY CASCADE is a self-reinforcing process of collective belief formation by which an expressed perception triggers a chain reaction that gives the perception increasing plausibility through its rising availability in public discourse. The driving mechanism involves a combination of informational and reputational motives: Individuals endorse the perception partly by learning from the apparent beliefs of others and partly by distorting their public responses in the interest of maintaining social acceptance. Availability entrepreneurs—activists who manipulate the content of public discourse—strive to trigger availability cascades likely to advance their agendas.

In other words, thinking that once was confined to small fringe groups rapidly gains social acceptance—even dominance—because individuals fear that if they don’t publicly support it, they will appear unsophisticated and behind the times, making them social outcasts in their places of work, schools, neighborhoods, churches, or even in their own families. Their critical thinking is pushed aside by their instinct for self-preservation.


“What matters most,” he has written for the New York Times, “may be not what is said, but who, exactly, is saying it.” Indeed, the more a speaker is stereotyped and caricatured in the eyes of the beholder, the less likely the message will be accepted. But the more an individual can identify with a messenger, the more likely the message will be embraced.

Very critical in all of this, according to Sunstein, is the role of the “surprising validator:” a person who expresses an opinion contrary to the views expected. For example, if a climate change advocate changes course and becomes a skeptic, those who might go along with climate change are more likely to take notice and reconsider. Indeed, “surprising validators”—whether privately or publicly known—play a pivotal role. Among recent “surprising validators” who have expedited the illusion of public support for genderless marriage are conservative pundit Michael Barone and erstwhile champion of fatherhood and traditional marriage, David Blankenhorn. (Both were influenced—and very likely cultivated—by mild-mannered LGBT activist Jonathan Rauch.)

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