(Boylove Essays) - The Care and Feeding of Virtuous Teleiophiles

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The 'Virtuous Pedophiles' website may have the approval of various scientific types and liberal child protection commentators, but it isn't the sort of place that a lot of non-pedophiles will sign up to be part of. Perhaps there's a student or two, hoping to see some data roaming at close quarters. Not having been there, I don't know.

On Twitter, on the other hand, everyone who takes an interest in an issue may chime in and talk with those involved. If you divide the open and apparent minor-attracted accounts into the no-contact and the pro-contact schools, the former outnumber the latter by about two to one, and most of the latter aren't very interactive. Tom O'Carroll's @tomvoca account, for example, mostly just issues one tweet per new blog piece.

This means that the no-contact people and the general population are essentially free to play with each other. A phenomenon has sprung up that some have started to call the 'Pedophile-Teleiophile Alliance (PTA).' There is a small but ever growing group of teleios, if I can call them that, who strongly approve of the non-contact MAs' attitudes, and they are willing to go quite far out on a limb with their fellow tweeters to make it clear that they don't think pedophiles should be abused or hated just for who they are.

The fortitude that some of them have shown is remarkable.

Two VTs (virtous teleiophiles) have tried to set up Facebook pages to represent the idea that pedophiles may not all be offenders by any stretch, and some may be good, sympathetic people. They have vigorously rounded up and publicized the currently circulating stories about sincere young pedophiles who have placed themselves in the hands of caregivers over their problematic orientations. They have gone all out to win friends to their cause.

The result for the first person who tried this, Josh Bizley, was almost catastrophic. His Facebook page, though it collected many dozens of 'likes', was also mobbed by every kind of hater under the thunderclouds (I can't say 'under the sun'), and a concerted effort was made by Anonymous members and other vigilantes to find his home address, alert his employers that he was probably a pedo in sheep's clothing, and so on. He stayed firm until legal friends pointed out that the mere fact he had been threatened with death so profusely could cause the child protection authorities to take away his and his wife's baby for safekeeping. Just as he was wavering about closing the Facebook page, Facebook administration shut it down. Facebook supports many 'pedo hunter' pages producing a constant spew of hate, but one page about possible non-offending pedophiles was waaaay too much for them. We won't be calling THEM virtuous any time soon.

Shortly after that, another very interested and sympathetic person also tried to set up the same kind of Facebook page. Facebook closed it after it had been around for just a short time. The person restarted it and Facebook shut it down again. This individual communicated with many of the known MAs on Twitter and was well received, though the communication was sparse. I am not giving the username because this individual is 13 years old. He is a female-to-male transsexual and is already well accustomed to bigot hatred. We all wish him great success in life.

Recently, Kamil Beylant (@securityconcern) has been interacting a lot with a 20-something British gamer. This young man is vigorous in defending the rights and good will of the non-offending pedophile, and like his peers, he has had to take a lot of flak for it. Supported by a few excellent friends from the gamer world, he is hanging in there very well. Some of his expressions of support are unpolished - he may well say that he doesn't think anyone should be persecuted for being 'sick,' and then concede that 'sick' may not have been the best expression, but you know what he meant. Several of the MA posters who are close to his own age have gently tried to fine-tune his terminology. But whatever words he uses, he is a concern to the haters, and they try to use all their tricks on him.

Recently, this gentleman has had a lot of trouble with a hostile Facebook poster who has called him a crazy man, a sociopath and a probable pedophile. The accuser is a regular Youtube video blogger called MattsFTR, and his shtick is praising the late Michael Jackson. Matts, also appearing under his full name Matt Constantino, is inclined to say that Michael Jackson was the most perfect person in existence. In Youtube speeches, he makes a serious case that Jackson has brought all humans, all races together, and is 'like a god.' He also does Jackson impersonations, though his physiognomy is more along the lines of Danny deVito.

It is critical to Constantino's world view that Michael Jackson not have been a pedophile, and that pedophiles be recognized as horrible, sick monsters who are so far from Michael Jackson that they might just as well be cockroaches flattened under his dancing feet. His attack on the VT gamer, then, was a screech of indignant, accusatory, off-the-wall aggression, moderated only by the occasional notation that he was a positive thinking coach who helped people to live better lives. Clearly, his attempt to think positively doesn't extend to supporting pedophiles who are trying to be nice and civil.