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When "making friends" becomes a "crime"!
By User4

Since when has simply making friends with somebody become a crime? The answer is, since the late 20th century, with the "invention" of the "crime" of "child grooming".

Earlier, associating with the wrong people (people who either were known criminals, or who espoused philosophies disapproved of within a society, for example, Communism) have been criminalized, especially in countries other than the U.S. In the U.S. there exists a (supposed) constitutional right to freedom of association. One can associate with whomever one wants, for whatever (non-criminal) purposes. The founding fathers of the U.S. knew the importance of preventing the government from passing laws which limit people's rights to meet with one another, for whatever (legal) purpose.

Of course, the state and federal legislatures saw a "loophole" in this constitutional right and created a huge number of "conspiracy" laws, which make it a "crime" to meet with someone, or to talk to someone, about possibly committing a crime. (That is why "non-criminal" and "legal" are in parenthesis above.) No crime must necessarily be committed - just talking about the possibility of committing a crime is now criminalized.

The right to free association has been -- and is being -- further eroded by the passage of a number of new laws. Today, it is against the law to make friends with someone for the wrong reasons.

What are "the right reasons" and "the wrong reasons" to make friends with someone? It now seems that it depends on the intent of the person doing the befriending. In law, usually only well-defined actions -- that is, things that people actually do -- can be criminalized, But today, just "thinking about something" in "the wrong way" can send someone to prison -- sometimes as long as for the rest of one's life!

The latest set of laws of this type are laws against "the grooming of children for sexual purposes".

Now, just what is "for sexual purposes"? This depends on someone's (usually the prosecutor's) interpretation. What is "sexual"? This is very difficult to pin down exactly, and, naturally, has led to serious abuses of citizen's rights under these new laws.

The "child grooming" laws demonize what is otherwise normal, healthy human behavior -- making friends with someone you like or for some reason are attracted to. These new laws, created by sexophobes and antisexuals, are an additional way to circumvent constitutional protections of citizen's rights. They are a bizarre twisting of truth by radical third-wave feminists, right-wing conservative Republicans (and all of their "friends") in order to create new "thought crimes".

How have BoyLovers sent themselves to prison for lengthy (sometimes life) sentences by not keeping their mouths shut? How do prosecutors get a BoyLover to incriminate himself (without being aware that he is doing so) when "interviewing" suspected BoyLovers? (REMEMBER: An "interview" is really just a new word for an interrogation, but without that bright light being shined into your face!)

If a policeman during an "interview" (or the prosecutor during a trial) asks , for example, "Did you think the boy was sexy?" and the Boylover answers, "Yes," then the BoyLover has just admitted to "committing a crime"! This is a confession, and will be introduced as such at the then-certain-to-follow trial. And then the BoyLover will have no defense, and no way to deny his guilt for having "groomed a child for sexual purposes!"

The rule for BoyLovers is -- do not talk to the police. For any reason. Not to deny anything, not to explain anything, not for any reason at all!

Just don't answer any questions from police that have anything to do with you as a BoyLover. NEVER ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL THAT THE POLICE ASK!

These people are crazy. Would you talk to an obviously crazy person in the street? No, of course not. It could be dangerous!

So do not talk to the police!

You have been warned...

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