Alone with Mr. Carter (short film)

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Alone with Mr. Carter (short film)
Year Released: 2011
MPAA Rating (USA): Unrated
Director: Jean Pierre Bergeron
Starring: Robert Naylor
Paul James Saunders

Alone with Mr. Carter is a short film and is the story of John who dreams of becoming a cop and wants to confide in his neighbor that he is secretly in love with him. Time is of the essence as the 65-year-old hetero detective is going away forever. This is one of the few films that depicts the reality that some boys do fall in-love with men.

About his film the writer/director (Jean Pierre Bergeron) wrote, "Growing up, I had secret feelings for some adults just like the characters depicted above and in my case they were men. Of course I knew it wouldn’t lead anywhere. If only because I was a kid, I knew it wasn’t supposed to lead anywhere. I mean, I was not crazy. But the feelings were there. As an echo to the equality conversation of today, wouldn’t you agree they were just as valid as the feelings of a little boy for an adult woman? Yet, over the years, I had never been able to find a film that dealt with this. Maybe there were, but I was not aware of them. That’s why it matters to me to tell this story." [1]


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