Anita Bryant

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Anita Bryant, an American singer and vicious anti-gay activist, has done more to set back gay-rights and BoyLovers than any other recent public figure. Her appearances at U.S. Congressional hearings did much to demonize us. Her Save our children campaign did much to destroy our chances of any time soon being accepted by society.

Good descriptions of her tactics, and the damage she has done, may be found in Jenkins, Philip (1998). Moral panic: changing concepts of the child molester in modern America. New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press. See also

Moral panic

Bryant set off the current "moral panic" about pedophiles.

The British television show Brass Eye, by Chris Morris satirised the moral panics around drug use and pedophilia in the episodes "Drugs" and the special "Paedogeddon". In these episodes, celebrities and politicians were duped into appearing in fictional campaigns against social ills. See Torrent download:

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