Bad News Bears (2005 film)

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Bad News Bears (2005 film)
Year Released: 2005
MPAA Rating (USA): PG-13
Director: Richard Linklater
Starring: Billy Bob Thornton
Greg Kinnear
Marcia Gay Harden
Sammi Kane Kraft
Ridge Canipe
Brandon Craggs
Jeffrey Davies
Timmy Deters
Carlos Estrada
Emmanuel Estrada
Troy Gentile
Kenneth 'K.C.' Harris
Aman Johal
Tyler Patrick Jones
Jeffrey Tedmori
Carter Jenkins
Seth Adkins

Bad News Bears (2005) is an update of the classic film from 1976 about the misfit baseball team that no one believes in and no one wants to coach. No one, that is, until Morris Buttermaker (Billy Bob Thornton), the ex-ballplayer-turned-exterminator, is paid off by Mrs. Whitewood, the meddling mom that sued and forced the league to let any and every child play, regardless of ability. Thus, Buttermaker's Bears are comprised of smartmouth Tanner Boyle (Timmy Deters), wheelchair-bound Matthew Hooper (Troy Gentile), the Spanish-speaking Aguilar brothers (Carlos and Emmanuel Estrada), the Atkins-dieting Engleberg (Brandon Craggs) and other misfits that are more likely to utter a curse than catch a ball.

Buttermaker finds he needs to spend more time coaching and less time drinking, and after enlisting the help of his upwardly-mobile daughter Amanda Whurlitzer (Sammi Kane Kraft) and a local bad boy named Kelly Leak (Jeffrey Davies), the Bears finally become a team, setting their sights on the perennial champion Yankees, coached by Roy Bullock (Greg Kinnear).

The plot is the same as the original movie with a few rearrangements and obviously a new cast that shines in their reinterpretation of roles from the 1976 movie. Timmy Lupus is played to cute perfection by Tyler Patrick Jones, and the other updates also seem to fit the original concept well. This is an all-around enjoyable movie, one that any boylover could watch over and over, for more than just the eye candy.

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