Benny's Gym (short film)

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Benny's Gym (short film)

Year Released: 2007
MPAA Rating (USA): Unrated
Director: Lisa Marie Gamlem
Starring: Kim Erik Tena Eriksen
Atdhe Belegu

Benny’s Gym is a 2007, 25 min, Norwegian short film written and directed by Lisa Marie Gamlem which stars, Atdhe Belegu (Alfred), Kim Erik Tena Eriksen (Benny), Johannes Sejersted Bødtker (Petter), Daniel Golan (Thor), Ernest Kastrati (Ernest), Sindre Høiby (Joakim), Ågot Sendstad (Alfred’s Mother), Michalis Koutsogiannakis (Alfred’s father), Karl Sundby (Benny’s father), Irene Isaksen (Vilde).


Alfred gets bullied all the time by Benny and his friends, who beat him up and pee on his notebook. After seeing Alfred's drawing, Benny, who wants a tattoo goes to Alfred's house. Alfred draws one on Benny’s arm in secret, and this marks the beginning of an initially reluctant, eventually warm relationship between the boys, a relationship that they keeep secret. When Benny is alone and spends time with Alfred, he is quite different. The high school buly shares his secrets, his fears and hopes with the unpopular kid. Benny wants to teach Alfred to hit back. But after an accident, it turns out maybe Alfred also has something to teach Benny. Benny’s violent father physically punishes his son, not unlike the way Benny does with other kids in school. In high school, Benny keeps ignoring Alfred. One day, Benny suggests that he could have sex with Alfred, and kisses him. [1] [2]


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