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Better a Millstone or BAM was a child advocacy website founded by Mike Echols in 1998 as the "Internet Eyes & Ears for Law Enforcement!"

Borrowing a phrase from the New English Bible where Jesus said, "As for the man who is a cause of stumbling to one of these little ones who have faith, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone round his neck." Echols founded Better a Millstone as a non-profit organization in the state of Nevada.

Soon after the appearance of the poorly designed and disorganized BAM website, Echols began to build a list of his accomplishments infiltrating NAMBLA and gaining a copy of the membership list in 1985 which he directly published on the site.

After Echols' death in 2003, the BAM website continued, eventually going offline in early 2005. The remaining officers of Better a Millstone failed to file the required paperwork with the state of Nevada in late 2005 and Better a Millstone appears to have been abandoned as a company.

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