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14 May 2016

On another forum there was a complaint.

On another forum there was a complaint because, as a reply to someone who said (in essence) "Our history is being lost," I then recommended that he come to BoyWiki and record the history he felt was being lost.

The "thread starter" had the post of mine deleted--he objected to so-called "advertising" in his thread.

I complained about the deletion (and later the admin apologized to me about the deletion) because the post I made did not harm the thread at all--in fact, it gave useful information to a BoyLover who was discouraged about BoyLove history not being recorded.

The "thread starter" then became very angry, and made threats about his "withdrawing permission for his books on BoyWiki".

He is likely to contact BoyWiki. This note here is just a record, so BoyWiki admin know what happened, and why. User4 (talk) 06:52, 14 May 2016 (UTC)