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BoyZoom (other names: Boyzoom, BZ, B/Z) was a boylove board established by Loren in 2009. It shut down later that year.


BoyZoom was in development during April 2009, and released in May of that year. It was run by a partnership of community members with experience in site administration and operation.[1] The features pages presented to visitors during development advertised searchable galleries, a wiki, blogs, and a large bulletin board system.[2][3][4] A pre-registration page was active during development.[5][6]

The site was short lived, and was shut down by BZ management after Loren was raided by police. A notice appeared at BoyChat on November 24, 2009, and did not suggest the site would be remaining down. On December 1, a new notice was put up informing users of the site's permanent closure.[7][8]

A German forum thread indicated that the shutdown reason was, in part, because owning parties of BZ had been found in possession of child pornography.[9]