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BoyWiki Dictionary: Boy Queen
n. Slang (boi) (kwēn)

¹ A boylover who is a self-absorbed sociopath.

A Boy Queen is a boylover who gains this recognition by totally surrounding themselves in some manner with boy related materials. They have all of the latest music by boy singers or boy groups. Their sigpics on posting boards are usually multi-layered productions with some sort of saying enclosed; such as Boys Rule Girls Drool. They constantly go on about a boy they saw at the mall or other public places even if it was just once quick glance. Boy Queens are incapable of showing any empathy or sympathy or coherent thought when advice is requested from other boylovers. They often isolate themselves from those boylovers who can speak on other philosophical or political topics about boylove. Boy Queens would be the first to post "Wow you sure were cute as a boy" even if their response is to another boylover contemplating suicide or discussing the loss of a YF. In general, Boy Queens are shallow, thoughtless and petty with the emotional and social skills of an 8yo.