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BoyWiki Dictionary: Boywatching (dictionary)

¹ the practice of observing boys in their natural environment as a hobby.

² a subcategory of people watching.

The act of spending time in a public place observing boys is called boywatching. This is a common pastime among boylovers and can be a nice way to relax, cheer up or observe boy moments.

Boywatching can be done in almost any public place. Popular areas to boywatch are beaches, parks, grocery stores, shopping malls, and anywhere else that boys are likely to be present. Because little to no contact or interaction with boys usually occurs during boywatching, it is a safe and anxiety-free way to see boys in real life. While keeping an eye out for beauty or sexiness is often a key factor in boywatching, more subtle things can be even more rewarding to the boywatcher. Observing smiles, cute exchanges between boys and others, joyful energetic interactions of boys playing together, or a boy just occupying himself in some cute way are all highlights of a successful boywatching trip. Occasionally, eye contact is made in passing and a slight smile, a wave, or a hello (which can be either shy or forward, depending on the boy) is a pleasant surprise.

Boywatching is also a favorite activity of boylovers spending time together in real life—particularly during the first few meetings. Since many first meetings occure in public places for safety, boylovers can spend some time eating and chatting while boywatching. This can also be a bonding experience, as boylovers can quickly learn what kind of qualities and age each other find attractive in boys. Many boylovers soon develop special code words to indicate the presence of boys and their general direction. These code words are unique to every group of boylovers and are often meaningless or refer to some sort of inside joke.

Boylovers should take care to be inconspicuous while boywatching. Apart from the danger of complaints being made, some boys do not like being watched. If a boylover's attention appears to make a boy uncomfortable, the boylover should respect the boy's feelings and stop watching him immediately.