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Brecha is the second of Ivan Noel's films. It is darker, more suspenseful then his prior film En tu Ausencia. Filmed is Spain with no budget using borrowed equipment, Brecha masterfully captures the essence of village life. [1]



Brecha DVD cover
Year Released: 2009
MPAA Rating (USA): NR
Director: Ivan Noel
Starring: José Ramón Lafita

Francisco Alfonsin

Brecha is a particularly vivid and realistic portrayal of the emotional rupture between a father recently released from jail and his 12 year old son, following a dark family tragedy that no one has strength enough to confront. Herself victim of the same in-communication, the boys grandmother tries her level best at normalizing their lives, though not counting on the fathers incapacity at forgetting the past, and his sons increasingly peculiar behavior. All three of them awkwardly attempt to plug the rift, only to worsen the situation with every try, leading them slowly to the brink of a new and permanent disaster. [2]

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