CRIME WITHOUT VICTIMS A book about paedophilia

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CRIME WITHOUT VICTIMS A book about paedophilia

Edited by the "Trobriands" collective of authors, translated from the Danish by Dr. Edward Brongersma, prepared in .PDF format by the BoyChat poster known as "Randy".

Introduced by Copenhagen's eminent sexologist, Dr. Preben Hertoft, this readable volume, translated from the Danish, begins with three essays on what is really known (rather than what "experts" in the media tell us) about sexual relations between adults and minors. Then follow sixteen fresh, spontaneous interviews with people concerned - an attorney specialising in the defense of paedophiles, a Copenhagen judge, adults who have sexual relations with minors, minors who have sexual relations with adults - even one mother of such a boy. Most of the youngsters found their sexually expressed friendships with adults a positive force in their lives and helpful in the discovery of self.[1]


  • Back cover text
  • Copyright
  • Preface to the web edition, 2010
  • Preface / The Editors
  • Introduction / Preben Hertoft, Sexologist

Part I: Discussions

  • The Image of the Child Molester .
When Things Go Wrong
Coming Out
The Social Function of the Child-Lover
The Parents
Homosexuality and Male Identity
Another Bad Story: A Case of Blackmail
  • What Science Tells Us / Arne Frederiksen
Human Sexuality has Many Functions
Sexual Assault
Damaging Effects
Desired Relationships
Homosexual Paedophile Relations
Heterosexual Paedophile Relations
Female Paedophilia
Bibliography and Notes
  • The Sexual Child / Bent Petersen, Cand. Psych
The Israelites
The Greeks
The Romans
Other Cultures
Our Culture
Punishment by God
Sigmund Freud
Sex = Sin
Masturbation in Children
Kiddy Porn

Part II: Interviews

  • Counsel for the Defence / Manfred Petersen, attorney
  • The Judge / F. A. Wehner, Judge at the Tribunal of Copenhagen
  • "One night going home from Scouts..." / Holger, 55 years old
  • "You won't get a colour television if you don't stop seeing Niels" / Per, 16 years old
  • "I was afraid that it could turn into abuse" / Sus, 24 years old
  • "An incredible number of children are left to themselves" / Erik, 42 years old
  • "I suspect he'll go with my little brother later" / Stefan, 10 years old
[Interview with]Stefan's mother
  • "There was always a streak of sadomasochism in me" / Martin, 19 years old
  • "If I had enough money I wouldn't do it" / Peter, 14 years old
  • "I think I'm wasting my time and energy here" / Joey, 33 years old
  • "I've always done what they say I shouldn't" / Tommy, 20 years old
  • "I spend so much time with children that people ask me if it's because I'm a paedophile" / Kaj, 27 years old
  • A Case of Assault. "I desperately wanted to escape or scream, but I couldn't make a sound" / Linda, 28 years old
  • "He was not a kind of father figure" / Lotte, 27 years old
  • "He understands me better than my own mother" / David, 16 years old

Additional materials (added by the 2013 editor)

Reading Material on Paedophilia
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