Chigo monogatari

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A chigo monogatari (稚児物語) is a special kind of Japanese literature which tells a love story between a Buddhist monk and a young novice or chigo .

List of Works

  • Aki no yo nagamonogatari 秋夜長物語 (Long story for a fall night): The tragic connection between the monk and the young Keikai Umewaka.
  • Ashibiki あしびき: An evil stepmother almost manages to prevent the binding between a monk and a chigo that escape an assassination attempt. Following these tests, the boy chooses to renounce the world and enter religion.
  • Ben no sōshi 辨草子 (Tale of discrimination)
  • Gemmu monogatari 幻夢物語 (The story of Gemmu): Gemmu a Ohara priest meets a boy of fifteen, Hanamatsu, and falls in love. At the end of his quest he will find that the ghost of the novice, and his young murderer. (XV century)
  • Hanamitsu 花みつ (Flower Nectar): The stepmother Hanamitsu creates difficulties that lead him to suicide . But these events lead to his father and his brother-awakening to religion.
  • Matsuho no ura monogatari 松帆浦物語 (The story of Matsuho beach)
  • Saga monogatari 暛峨物語
  • Toribeyama monogatari 鳥部山物語 (The story of Mount Toribe)

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