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Child savers are (usually) misguided and highly moralistic sexophobes and antisexuals who have made it their cause to "save children" from any possible exposure to sex or sexuality.

Many books and articles are available which demonstrate that attempting to "save" children from "the harms of sex" actually create many more problems than any actual sexual activity engaged in would.[1]

For a (somewhat biased) review of part of the problem, see the article whose abstract is given here:[2]

ABSTRACT: Child sexual abuse is immoral and should be condemned. However, equally immoral is the activity perpetrated by "child savers." These are professionals who, in their zeal to protect alleged child and adult victims of child sexual abuse, adversely impact the lives of individuals and families. The primary purpose of this paper is to provide a set of indicators which should alert practitioners that they are in the presence of these professionals. A second purpose is to recommend alternative ways for social workers and the profession to deal with child savers.

An article from the British Criminology Conference: Selected Proceedings. Volume 3. Papers from the British Society of Criminology Conference, Liverpool, July 1999.[3]

'The Devil Goes Abroad': The Export of the Ritual Abuse Moral Panic by Mary deYoung


This paper analyses the ideological recruitment of international child-savers into the controversial satanic ritual abuse moral panic. It examines the discourse of a cadre of American child-savers that has acted as the primary interest group in inciting the moral panic in the United States and spreading it abroad, and reveals how this discourse found three "points of resonance" through which panic discourse could be appropriated. The paper argues that when so appropriated, panic discourse has both ideological and material effects,

that is, it influences participants to think and act in ways that reassert and protect the dominant values and interests that purportedly are being undermined by the moral panic's folk devils.


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