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Childism is a political ideology (Or political movement) that focuses on the rights of children. It is similar to Feminism (What is meant for women's rights) and is against things like ageism and adultism. Childists want children (as far as possible) to have the same rights as adults. The main representative is The Childism Institute, which was founded by Rutgers University Camden. Some people who are for children confuse childism with ageism and say that childism is "child hatred"[1].

Examples of Anti-Child Laws

Below are some of the laws that adherents of childism should fight against:

  • Age of consent laws, ageistic sperm and egg donation laws or other anti-sexual laws against children!
  • Discriminatory drug laws, so that young people under the age of 18 or 21 cannot buy drugs!
  • That children do NOT have the same rights and opportunities as adults, in the entertainment industry!
  • That kids are NOT allowed to watch R-Rated movies or anything!
  • That children have no right to education, justice and safety!