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Consent is agreement or permission to do or allow something. Relations between parents and children are in some ways becoming more consent-based over time, as parents give more deference to children's wishes rather than dictating to them. For example, children are often asked where they would like to go on vacation, rather than being told to get in the car and go wherever their parents are interested in vacationing.[1]

It is sometimes argued that children's consent, to be meaningful, must be informed consent. Other theories hold that a person of any age has the right to waive the right to insist on being fully informed before he consents.


  1. Petersen, Andrea (31 July 2013). Historical Sites Welcome Kids Who Love to Text. Wall Street Journal. “'When I was a kid, I got in the car and was told where we're going. Kids today have a lot more say,' said Colin Campbell, Colonial Williamsburg's president and chief executive.”

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