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Crowd sourcing is, in theory, a superior way to utilize the expertise of large numbers of people in creating a better product. For example, it has been found to be quite useful in the creation of "open source" software.


Wikipedia is a good example of some of the problems that arise from "crowdsourcing". The quality of the articles published depends entirely on the expertise of the contributors -- or their lack of expertise -- as well as on each contributor's inherent biases.

Groupthink and Pedophilia

"Groupthink", one of the potential problems with crowd sourcing, is clearly evident in the production of the various "narratives" relating to child sexual abuse and pedophilia. Psychobabble is employed by the so-called "child abuse experts," to obfuscate their genuine lack of knowledge of human sexuality, and, especially, child sexuality. The bandwagon effect can clearly be seen as everyone grabs their pitchforks, and jumps aboard the hay wagon on their way to storm the castle where the "monster pedophiles" live. After all, everyone already knows everything they need to know about the "problem".

BoyWiki and crowd sourcing

BoyWiki, too, suffers from the problems brought about by the "noble amateur" -- many who think they understand a problem are quick to jump in and "be bold" in their editing of articles, when the fact is that others -- who are much more knowledgeable on a topic -- should be given the major responsibility for the direction which articles take.

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