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Dennis Hastert is a former U.S. House Speaker who was judicially abused and sentenced to prison in a case related to his possibly being a BoyLover.

The case centered around his (alleged) "sexual abuse" of students whom he coached in wrestling, and not around the (alleged) illegal withdrawals of money.

[P]rosecutors detailed in a 26-page sentencing filing that Hastert had abused at least five teenage students connected to the Yorkville wrestling team in the 1960s and 1970s.[1]

Hastert had withdrawn money in installments of less than $10,000 each (which is below the amounts which trigger filing a report on the withdrawal to the government) in order to amass $1.7 in order to pay off what he claimed in a criminal complaint he had filed in 2015 to be an extorsion attempt by a former student.

Little did Hastert realize that being a BoyLover makes one a target for judicial abuse of authority, as happened in his case. The trial was ostensibly about the so-called "illegal withdrawals" (what Hastert did when he withdrew the money is very common, and apparently is not usually considered to be criminal, unless, of course, one is a BoyLover).

All the reported "testimony" in the news media was made by the (alleged) "victims," and in actuality had nothing to do with the charges filed against him for (supposedly) illegally withdrawing money.

Had Hastert not filed a complaint about alleged blackmail, and had not made any statements to the legal authorities about why he withdrew money, he would most likely never have been prosecuted.

The "age of consent" in Illinois in the 60s and 70s may very well have been such that Hastert actually committed no criminal offenses by having sexually touched the boys as he did.[Citation needed]


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