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Dylan Thomas (real name "Jon Schillaci") was the webmaster of BoyChat from November 2003 to June 2008, and was a moderator at El Castillo Azul in addition to being a member of the Free Spirits Committee. Dylan Thomas also served the community independent of Free Spirits as a talk show host on the Internet boylove radio station Sure Quality Radio.

Dylan Thomas was known for being outspoken and for his engaging prose.

When Jon Schillaci was arrested in Mexico in June of 2009, a huge backlash at BoyChat was sparked against him. Some posters continued to support him for the fine job he had done as Webmaster, while others vilified him as being "a child molester" and a criminal. Wild claims were made that he had somehow "endangered" BoyChat, claims that were never supported by proof of any actual harms to any posters -- or to BoyChat -- being reported, with the (possible) exception of one BoyChat poster whose name it was claimed was given to the F.B.I by Schillaci. That poster also was claimed to be involved in activities that were genuinely harmful to at least one minor, which was the justification given for Schillaci supposedly having revealing the poster's identity to the F.B.I. Whether this actually occurred or not remains as conjecture. No one has ever demonstrated that that accusation was true.

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